Thursday, December 17, 2009

Portrait Photography: Some Info

By John Miller

A picture that shows a person or small group's facial expression while they are in a still position is known as a portrait, or portraiture. The personality, moods & likeness of the person or persons come through. Aside from the face, portrait photography can also show the whole body and the background of the subject. The person or group is usually looking straight at the camera in a portrait picture.

Portrait photography, unlike other styles uses non-professional models. Graduations, special events and weddings are types of occasions where portrait photography is used, and later displayed in private homes. Numerous are done on studio with several settings to choose from.

The History of Portrait Photography

Ever since the invention of the camera people have been using portrait photography. It was, and is more inexpensive way then having your portrait painted & it is a more available method. People would sit against a background & were lit with natural light from a window. Portrait photography can now be more creative with the way technology has evolve since they can adjust light & move around more.

Using Light In Portrait Photography

Portrait pictures can be done in a studio where the photographer can adjust the light when capturing portraits. They can change the intensity and the direction. Fill lights, background lights, kicker lights & the main lights are a few of the various lighting terms.

The main light is the primary light source. The main light is generally positioned above or below the subject and at a 45-degree angle.The main light can create shadows so the fill light helps to eliminate them. The light that brightens up the hair of the subject is the kicker light. This will help to add depth & to show the separation from the subject and the background. A Background light brightens the background and can add effects to the backdrops.

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