Friday, December 25, 2009

By Jeff Bridges

Madame Butterfly is an opera written by Giacomo Puccini which is very popular. We strongly recommend opera glasses for this breathtaking opera. The reasons why are about to be shown to you.

The Madame Butterfly opera begins with a United States Naval Officer, one of the main characters named Pinkerton and a Japanese Marriage Broker named Goro. Pinkerton and Goro are looking at a little house with a gorgeous view from the top of a hill overlooking the bay. Pinkerton wants to have the house home for 999 years. His 999 years include being able to cancel the housing agreement.

The wedding ceremony is soon to take place between Pinkerton and Butterfly. A lot of Butterfly's relatives will be flying in and coming to the wedding. Butterfly's uncle will not attend the wedding as he is a priest.

The Officer is to marry Butterfly, but does not plan on this as being a lasting marriage. His ambition is to gain the love from every beautiful woman that he meets. Although he did agree to buy the house for 999 years, he chose retain the right to cancel, to be able to leave the home, and the marriage. At this point of the opera, you are about to meet the beautiful Butterfly. Be prepared to use your opera glasses to see her charm and beauty.

Before you have the chance to see the beautiful bride Butterfly, you see the American consul who is with Pinkerton. He asks Pinkerton if he truly loves his bride to be. Pinkerton tries to say yes, but alas he cannot say for sure, but knows that he is mesmerized by her innocence, charm and beauty. He then speaks of having a true wedding with an American bride.

We finally at this point see the beautiful and elegant Butterfly enters the stage. The wedding begins, and the beautiful Butterfly and uncommitted Pinkerton are wed. A party in honor of the event begins, again all members of the family are in attendance. All are enjoying the festivities when Butterfly's uncle, the priest breaks into the party. He condemns butter fly for her abandonment of her own religion to join her now husbands religion, and curses her. At this, the party breaks up leaving Butterfly weeping uncontrollably.

Butterfly finally gets over the condemnation and curse that she received from her uncle, and remains happily married to her beloved Pinkerton. Weeks turn to months, and she can hardly contain her joy and love for the man of her dreams, she continues to fall more deeply in love with a man that does not love her back. Pinkerton one day receives notice that he is to go on duty as a naval officer; before he leaves he gives Butterfly money, and promises to return as soon as possible.

As act three begins, we come to know that three years have passed since Pinkerton walked out the door for the last time. Butterfly faithfully watches out the window each day to see if his ship will come in. One day as she is watching out the window, she sees a figure that she recognizes walking up the path. No it is not Pinkerton coming up the path, but his good friend that she has known from the beginning as his friend the American Consul. She greets him excitedly hoping that he brings news from her husband. Unknown to Butterfly, the American Consul has been sent to her by Pinkerton to tell her that he has married an American woman named Kate, and that he would not be returning to her ever. Broken hearted, the American Consul Curses Pinkerton, and gives the news so hard to bear.

Crushed by the dishonor and betrayal she leaves the room only to come back carrying a child. She begs with the American Consul, she says that Pinkerton would not dare to leave his wife, and now child. After trying to convince him that Pinkerton would not leave her, she finally accepts the facts.

What happens next, you will have to find out for yourself, by attending Madame Butterfly. The music in this opera is delightful as it is majestic, the attention to detail, and beauty of the costumes is unforgettable. Make sure you bring your opera glasses so that you can enjoy this opera to the fullest.

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