Friday, December 25, 2009

By Jeff Bridges

Hairspray the musical is set in Baltimore, Maryland the year is 1962. Our hero in the musical is is a young overweight girl named Tracy. Tracy has always dreamed of becoming a big star, if and when you attend this musical, make sure you have a front row seat, if you don't you will want to be sure to bring your opera glasses, so as not to miss a moment of this fast-paced play.

Tracy hears on the television that The Corny Collins Show is having a dance contest and she excitedly wants to enter the contest. Her overweight mother frowns at the idea. (You may have heard actor John Travolta played this part in the movie Hairspray.) Tracy's mother is just trying to protect her dear daughter out of love as she does not want people to make her daughter a joke for being overweight. Plus, her mother thinks the show plays racist music.

With the good grace of her father Wilbur, Tracy finally gets permission to go on to the dance audition. During the audition, she meets with, and falls in love with a boy name Link Larkin. As the author I recommend, preparing for this moment, by making sure that you are using your opera glasses! You will surely want to catch the expression on Tracy's face as you see her fall hopelessly in love with Link. At this point, Tracy begins a beautiful song about love, and her dream of being with Link. Tracy is rudely awakened from her daydream, only to find out that due to her weight, she did not make the cut for the dance competition. Just as her mother suspected would happen from the beginning.

Poor Tracy then returns back to school. Her troubles do not end at school. Tracy is then given a detention once again due to her hair being so big that kids sitting behind her cannot even see the chalk board! Hence, you can tell a reason why the musical is given the name Hairspray.

While Tracy is in detention, she meets a nice black boy named Seaweed who is kind enough to teach Tracy some dance steps and hot moves. There is a dance party scheduled for the school and the owner of the Corny Collins Show, Corny Collins himself, sees Tracy's slick moves. He loves how she dances and lo and behold she is chosen to be a dancer on his popular show. This moment will be the perfect time to put on your opera glasses as of course Tracy is ecstatic as this is her big dream!

Again after all this Tracy finds more good news, Link Larkin, the love of her life is to sing a romantic song to her on the show! Amber, who is another girl that attends Tracy's school is also in love with Link, finds out, and decides to take her rage out on on Tracy, cruelty ensues, including knocking Tracy out with a volleyball.

As the play continues, Tracy and others are invited to the record show that Seaweed's mother owns, A party is planned for all that attend. All during this time, Tracy becomes close friends with Seaweed, and is enraged to find out that blacks are only allowed to attend the Corny Collins T.V. Show once a month on "Negro Day" Tracy begins to fight for blacks rights. To find out how Hairspray ends, you will have to attend, but it will be a wonderful experience for all who go.

Hairspray is truly a wonderful musical, with fun vibrant music for all to enjoy. make sure that you remember your opera glasses to make sure you have the best seat in the house.

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