Saturday, December 26, 2009

By Jennifer Lynn

It is a normal process to ask after the breakup on how can I get my ex back. You may have asked a lot of people about this but no one seems to give you a convincing answer. There are many reasons that lead to the breakup, so it is not possible to answer this question without understanding the causes first. These include the reason for the breakup, how often both of you still stay in touch and others.

If both of you handle the breakup well and still in speaking terms, then there is still a chance. However, do not despair if it isn't so. Even in the worst circumstances, there is a still a chance to get back together with your ex.

The different answers are to be expected. After all, not everyone really knows what has transpired between both of you. So pessimist will say that you do not stand a chance. Some will say you should still give it a go. The balance will not commit to anything.

The only person who can make an informed judgment on both of you is the closest friend to both. You may want to consult him or her on this matter. The irony is this; if that person has not broken up before and later get his ex back, that person may not give you a satisfactory answer.

Some friends may even think you are nave to even ask this question. After all, you should be moving on. Maybe some of them do not want to bother with you or your ex.

You can listen to all the advice given but remember to take them with a pinch of salt. Do not follow any advice that is unnatural to you. For example, do not try to make your ex jealous by dating a few other people. If your ex feels that you have completely moved on without him or her, then it is truly over.

When you ask some people, "Can I get my ex back?" they might encourage you to have many casual relationships and to forget about your ex. The decision is yours, but your goal is to not do anything to drive your ex farther away. Your ex finding out that you've slept with one or more people while you've been trying to get them back isn't going to help your case.

As in life, there is no certain answer to this question. The chance is always there but you have to handle the situation well. The best strategy is to make your ex misses you. So, do not always make yourself available to him and keep yourself busy with other areas of your life.

Try to bring out your strongest personality and improve on it. Present the best self to your ex. Always be a happy person and you will be well liked to be around. Maintain a solid friendship with your ex and always be there to assist him. Before long, you ex may want to get back to you again.

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