Friday, December 18, 2009

By Christine Morries

An organization can thrive only with good team performance, and if team members are healthy and productive, then the team fares well and the organization succeeds. Hence team inspiration and unity are of paramount importance. Introducing some physical fitness and gym drills by hiring a personal trainer in team building events can go a long way in achieving that objective.

A team building session ensures a welcome break from the routine, besides fostering unity and heightening confidence levels. Companies give much importance to these sessions to avoid falling standards of a team's productivity. Employees gain a lot from team building events as they are able to overcome their insecurities and build stronger bonds with their seniors and colleagues.

Employees bound to their desk jobs are always likely to appreciate some amount of physical work. This idea carves the way for introduction of personal training at team building sessions. Personal trainers can enlighten the staff by advising them several fitness routines and appropriate diet with good nutritional value. Such sessions help in instilling a culture propelled by knowledge about fitness at the office and the employees can even build upon their newly gained knowledge by enrolling in a gym to carry on with the fitness routine.

Employees always hooked on to computers often complain of stress and backache. Serious concern is also being raised about obesity. A personal training session teaches employees about physical complications and steps to be adopted for managing them, besides giving them a much-awaited release from the routine of work.

The innovativeness of such personal training events, which can even include a gym session, can freshen up the lives of employees and inspire them immensely. It also gives them a sense of attachment and they would cherish the company's initiative.

A personal trainer hired to organize such a session must be an expert in injuries that are computer related. To ensure success of such events, it is also very important that the trainer knows the personalities and mental state of the participants. Moreover, suggestions that they can use in their daily lives must be given by the personal trainer.

A team's cohesion and inspirational levels are of great significance to the employers. Any investment on a team building event involving personal training and gym sessions is always a profitable venture, as the company will prosper if employees are healthy and vigorous.

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