Monday, December 14, 2009

Ways to Meet God in the Cubicle

By Robert Mann

The seemingly endless obligations both at work and home can leave little space for prayer and meditation in the daily routine. Given that Christians are instructed to "pray without ceasing" and meditate on scripture "day and night", a conflict arises that often weighs heavily on the conscience. Rather than being a negative, this could simply indicate the Holy Spirit is calling individuals into conversation with their Heavenly Father. No corner of creation is exempt from God's presence, and this includes the soft walls of the office cubicle. With some intention and innovation, a cubicle can become a location for Bible study and prayer, and without impacting the work tasks for the day.

There is a wealth of Bible study aids on the Web. If a workplace does not allow any non-work Internet access, many cell phones now provide Web access and access to Bible study programs. Making an online devotional your first task in the morning helps keep a focused mind through the day, and ensures that these moments with the Lord will not be sidestepped as a result of a full schedule. This will most likely take just a short time and might even fill downtime while other office machines are starting up.

Among all the books written, there is no substitute for the God's word. Reading a chapter from an online Bible is a meaningful follow-up to a devotional. Often a devotional will contain a quote from scripture and the chapter of the Bible that contains this passage can be the Bible reading for the day. Reading of scripture can also be done first thing in the morning or anytime during the day as time permits.

To set aside time for prayer and reflection on Christ, a walk around the block provides the opportunity for solitude and focus. Sites along the way may also inspire ideas for prayer, either immediate situations or far removed topics that are somehow related to the present scenery. There are obviously health benefits that may result from regular walking. Once this activity becomes a pattern, a "walk with God" may be greeted with eager anticipation each day.

The environment inside the office also serves as inspiration for prayer. Simply seeing a cubicle neighbor can be a reminder of a specific need in his or her life. Reading the countenance of a colleague may be enough to pray for an unspoken prayer request. A Christian is perpetually in the mission field and prayer is a humble and powerful force in the world.

Christian music is available in the office from multiple sources, including Internet, iPod or radio. Having Christian songs in the background provides perspective on all the activities of the day. Being reminded of God's sovereignty over the workplace gives a Christian freedom from anxiety that can negatively impact health and productivity.

The comfort of the Christian life is God's never-ending presence. Welcoming God into the cubicle will transform that cubicle into a location of healing and acceptance.

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