Saturday, December 19, 2009

By David Anttony

B1G1/BOGO (Buy One Give One) partners business enterprises with charitable cause right around the world so that every business transaction makes a significant difference somehow, somewhere, every second, every day. And it does much more than that. It adds a powerful marketing 'engine' building your own attractiveness.

Michael Porter, probably the world's most respected business strategist says this: "I used to see this area of corporate social philanthropy as the last thing on my agenda 10 years ago, but now I agree that social and economic issues are intertwined. Corporate philanthropy - or corporate social responsibility - is becoming an ever more important field for business. Today's companies ought to invest in corporate social responsibility as part of their business strategy to become more competitive."

Everyone we share with about Buy 1 GIVE 1 gets it in a heart beat. It's an idea that totally resonates. And it's an idea whose time has come.

You can put your hand up to make a continuing difference and literally play a part, not just in leaving a legacy, but also in transforming our planet. It could be the best business and personal choice you've ever made. After all you will leave a legacy the question is : will it be one of consumption or one of choice.

Bill Gates has become key to this idea, calling for 'Creative Capitalism' in response to the vital question, he shares in TIME Magazine:

"How can we most effectively spread the benefits of capitalism and the huge improvements in quality of life it can provide to people who have been left out?"

Buy1GIVE1 is about Sharing the Joy of Giving; and giving, results from having gratitude for what we have.

Just remember - you don't 'get' giving till you get giving.

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