Sunday, December 20, 2009

By Jason Faux

What would it be like to be a remote viewer? If you've never done remote viewing before, it can be difficult to imagine and nearly as difficult to describe.

As a remote viewer, you can see any place, any person or any object anywhere in the universe at any time in the past, present or future. You can see what's going on around the corner or view the signing of the Magna Carta. You could look into the future to see what's coming a hundred years from now. When you're the remote viewer, there is no limit to what you can uncover.

Every man, woman and child can be a remote viewer, though the vast majority of people never tap into these natural abilities. There are means of perception which lie in our subconscious that allow us a wider view of the world than is available through our five physical senses. With some training, you can use these abilities and view the universe differently.

Remote viewing often takes place with the remote viewer focusing on a target which they are completely unfamiliar with. In remote viewing studies, subjects practices remote viewing with no frame of reference as to what they would be viewing other than a codeword referring to the location's coordinates on a map unknown to the subjects.

Although the subjects in remote viewing studies may not have been viewing something familiar to them, you certainly can remotely view a place you already know. Like lucid dreaming and astral projection, remote viewing is classified as a psychic ability and it has been studied by the military and intelligence apparatuses of many nations for its possible applications in espionage.

Interestingly enough, being a remote viewer is not something altogether out in left field or strangely odd, since it is something that we are all capable of doing. Whether we know it or not we do have what it takes inside us to enhance and develop our natural born abilities, these do include being a remote viewer.

How can you develop your natural ability of remote viewing?

Remote viewing, like all other psychic abilities are based on your mind power. You need to condition your mind to use its untapped potential and there are several different techniques which can be used to learn remote viewing. Meditation and guided visualization can help you to achieve the necessary state of mind to use remote viewing.

In order to remote view, you'll have to allow yourself to relax completely. Practice different meditation and visualization techniques until you find some that work well for you. This will involve time and effort, so be patient and keep your eye on your goal of becoming a remote viewer.

Another great idea is to make sure that you will not be disturbed while you are the remote viewer, whether you are learning or practicing your talents and skills. You will want to be sure that you can relax in a quite and comfortable area in order to get the best results of your remote viewing sessions.

As you practice, take notes on your results in a notebook. This remote viewing journal will be very helpful to you as you track your progress towards becoming an expert remote viewer. Make notes of your exercises and any images which you see as you attempt to remote view. Your notes can help you decide which techniques are bringing you the best results.

Every human being has these natural psychic abilities, though the numbers of those who actually work to develop these abilities so that they can be used is comparatively small. With the proper training, these latent abilities can be brought to the surface and learned to the extent that they can be used at will.

Being a remote viewer allows you to learn about the past, the future or what's happening right now on the other side of your city or anywhere in the entire universe.

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