Sunday, December 20, 2009

By Mitzi H. Hewitt

Sending postcards is becoming a lost art. There was a time in which any traveler would send post cards to friends and family. Many of these postcards were photographs that would show the exciting new places the traveler was seeing. Railway postcards were popular when travel was done by train. The cards would show the many find train stations that had been built along the route.

Many of the stations were abandoned and others were converted to other uses. In larger cities, there are still train stations that are in use today. Some have been restored to show the beautiful architecture and craftsmanship which was a part of these buildings.

While it may be difficult to find the railway postcards of years ago, you can still use the photographs that you take of these buildings and prepare your own railway postcards for friends and family as you travel.

Additionally, many collectors of railway postcards post images of their cards that can be printed on card stock and mailed just as the originals were intended. By using these images on the internet, you can prepare authentic looking railway postcards.

You will also find that there is a service offered online that will both print and mail your railway postcards for a flat fee. In fact, the fee is the same no matter where the card is being sent. The one fee includes printing charges and the postage fees.

Once you choose your image for the front, you can compose your message, add an address, pay the fee and your card is sent through the mail to the recipient. That recipient will receive an authentic looking railway card in his or her snail mail box and it was little more effort than if you had sent an e-mail.

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