Saturday, December 12, 2009

By Kenneth Taylor

Kenneth Copeland Ministries have evolved from a vision which has deeply inspired Kenneth Copeland to launch a crusade for the proclamation of truth against the kingdom of darkness. He is an author and an evangelist with a vision and mission to propagate the doctrines of Christianity throughout the globe. KCM proclaims around the world the Gospel truth about the unconditional love of God for the entire humankind.

Ken and Gloria Copeland make a perfect husband-and-wife team who go about everywhere to evangelize and proclaim the words of truth and God's unconditional love for whole mankind. This is a spiritual mission the Copelands have placed on their shoulders. This is a lifetime goal the husband and wife have to fulfill particularly to those people who are living in miserable lives.

The proclamation of the Gospel truth is made available even to remote regions through the broadcast medium. While Eagle Mountain Church International (Ltd.) or EMCI takes charge of the mass services for the believers, KCM is heard over broadcast radios in stations on a regular basis for those who cannot not attend mass or hear the preaching due to distance or illness. The existing ministries have created various media not only though broadcast to reach every faithful.

In this evangelism, it is promised that the mysteries cloud the minds of the faithful shall be cleared to be comprehensible to the faithful. Live telecast services are also made available to the Christian faith believers. It is the vision of the existing ministries all over the world to create an army of righteous individuals. With the spirit of love, righteousness can be established and the propagation of the Christian doctrines can be successfully attained.

KMC, with love as a mission, points how to live a successful life and enjoy joyful living with God in the center of life. The Christian doctrines inculcating love and prosperity, healing and redemption have helped in changing the lives of people into a more significant existence. The ministries, under the spirit of the words of truth, focus on the noble mission of proclaiming the Christian doctrines.

The existing ministries have tried to reach out to every Christian believer with their various programs. Through the existing ministries which are situated around the globe, the Gospel truth and the love of God has been spread and shared to all believers even if they are living in some distant areas of the globe. Making the truth known and having the Gospel proclaimed is the core of the evangelization of the different ministries.

It is the mission of KMC and all the other ministries to organize an army of righteous individuals to fight against the spiritual foes versus the kingdom of darkness. The mysteries that envelop the lives of the Christians shall be made understandable using the Gospel from the Holy Bible. Making the truth known and having the mysteries unfolded is the core of the evangelization of the different ministries worldwide

Kenneth Copeland Ministries supported by friends and partners are able to proclaim the words of truth around the entire globe through different media. These proclamations are on voice broadcast daily that can be heard as far as radio signals can reach. Through this broadcast believers in remote places who cannot personally hear mass or attend church services are still able to fill their hearts with the words of God. The program is especially designed for individuals who may be in very remote areas and for those who are behind bars.

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