Saturday, December 5, 2009

By Tyler Armstrong

If your partner has left you, chances are that you are feeling distraught and completely lost without her. It can be a very painful experience and not one that you should have to go through. To learn how to get your ex girlfriend back takes some knowledge and understanding of the female mind. It is vital that you use the follow techniques or she may end up in the arms of another man.

1. If you happen to see her when she is out with her friends then do not get angry or upset, keep calm, ask her how she is, and be polite to her friends. There is absolutely no need to create a public scene; it will not do you any favours.

2. It makes sense to avoid the locations at which you know she will be. Give her some space. If there are certain cafes and bars that you know she attends then avoid them for a week or two.

3. Do not call her up or send her email or even text messages. Break off all communication for the short term. Although this may be painful for you it will result in her calling you up to find out how you are and what you are doing.

4. You need to be emotionally strong. Did she go out with you because you were crying and were depressed? Unlikely! Most women want their men to be strong and in control. You should do activities that you may have not been able to when you were with her; this will give you a better feeling about yourself which in turn will improve your chances of getting her back.

5. Take some time and effort to improve your looks and appearance. Go out shopping for new clothes and get a new haircut. She will be impressed that you are making an effort to look good.

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