Thursday, December 3, 2009

By Jason Jee

At the time of breaking up, one might experience a lot of emotional stress during this time. And at this crucial time, you feel a lot of regret and disappointment over what you could have done. But no matter how difficult this is to you, you can never say that it is entirely your blunder.

You might find yourself always in edge of losing grip. And crying is ubiquitous in this kind of heart ache. One must also understand that getting and ex lover back is difficult especially if you don't know what to do. And there are steps below that you can use in getting your ex back. The dos and don'ts could help you big time.

Looking as if you have lost everything or what so ever will not have any attraction on your ex. And by letting your guard down to talk and convince him to come back to him will only lead to disaster. Never try to look desperate as if your life depends on him even if it is. Your desperation will make him agree more on the breaking up issue.

In reality, enjoying life after the break up could do you well than just sulking in the corner and waiting for your ex to find you again. Try to catch up with your old friends. Be happy and fill those nights with friend bonding. And finally, let your ex know that you still have a life without him. This could make an intriguing interest on his or her part.

Don't use someone for the sake of making your ex jealous. He or she might find a little interest about you getting someone to replace his/her place but this will not entirely get the attention you desire so much.

Lying about your health is not a good idea as well. If he/she finds out that you are just making things up, chances are he/she will hate you for a long time. Always be truthful with regards to what you say.

You might feel that following these steps can be hard. But in actuality, all you have to do is be sane and let not emotions bury your shrewdness.

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