Saturday, December 5, 2009

By Myra Mooney

This is a specific article about health beauty cosmetics perfumes and clothing, if you do not want to know the secrets, tips and tricks about these things then you should not read on.

In order to stay healthy you should always make sure to work out on a pretty regular basis and keep yourself hydrated. Stop worrying about sweating because this is very good for your body (as long as you remember to keep hydrated) to ensure that it sweats out all the toxins and don't forget to stay active. So, try to stay healthy as much as you can so that you can possibly live a little bit longer.

A lot of people are concerned about their beauty but I think that too many people are worried about this thing. It is true that beauty is only skin deep because you can have the most beautiful person and they be the meanest person you have ever laid eyes on. I think that it is what is inside that counts and people should not worry so much about beauty. No matter what you do you are going to age at one time or another.

You should not be concerned with being beautiful you should worry about being a nice person. Not that this will get you somewhere all the time but it does not hurt to try. Besides people who are usually beautiful are not very nice to people who do not seem to fit into their click. So just make sure you strive to be a beautiful person on the inside.

A lot of people will also use cosmetics for beauty and this covers up flaws. But I personally like the natural look. The way that God intended for you to be. Don't get me wrong I like to use cosmetics from time to time because it does cover up my flaws and makes me feel somewhat nice, if only for a night or day.

A lot of people will use cosmetic to cover up their natural look because they think this makes them beautiful. I personally do not think it make people look nice that already have natural beauty. I however am lacking in natural beauty so I like to put make up on from time to time because it makes me feel a little less ugly.

The last thing to focus on for this article is perfumes. These are used to make you smell better. Companies also make perfumes to make a room smell better. And they also make body sprays which smell like perfumes and are pretty much the same thing except they are called body sprays. I like to wear perfumes when I am going out on the town for the night.

I don't like just the normal body smell and this is usually why most people use perfumes. I like to wear perfume when I am going out to eat with my family or going out to dinner with my fiance. It does make you smell better as long as you got the kind that smells good on you. I do not every individual perfume smells good on all people. Its all about whatever you like though, so make sure it is what you like and no one else.

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