Monday, December 7, 2009

By Rachel Quilty

How to appear more slim without Exercise

It is possible to look thinner without diet, without exercise, without losing a single pound. The way that you all dress, the way that you all carry yourself and the accessories that you all use can all create the effect that makes you all appear thinner than you all really are. Attempt these strategies to create the illusion of a thinner, sleeker you all.

Attempt some Color. Yeah, dark colors like black and navy do work to make you all look thinner, but who wants to always dress as if they are going to a funeral? Splashes of color, bright blues, aquas, pink and red can draw the eye up to your face and away from your midsection in tops and draw attention to your legs in skirts.

Use Accessories. A pretty necklace or attractive earrings will draw the eye to the face or body. Don't opt for large or clunky pieces, but instead use pieces that are medium in size. You don't want a piece that is too small either.

Stay clear from Spandex! Actually, stay clear from anything that is tight and accentuates rolls or bulges. Foods that are very tight don't make you all look smaller. In fact, they make you all look larger, larger than you all actually are. Your best bet is to stay clear from tight clothing and even clothing that is made to fit snug. It just doesn't work to make you appear thinner.

Wear Clothes that Fit. When you are shopping for clothing, do not worry about the size. Your goal should be to get clothes that fit, not to cram your body into a certain size. Size is just a number and if you are a size', you will appear much better in a size' than if you try to stuff yourself into a 16. Pay Attention to Undergarments. Just you want your outerwear to fit properly, you also want your undergarments to fit properly as well. Panties that are too tight will cause visible pantie lines which are most unattractive. A bra that is too tight will cause lines and bulges, making you appear larger.

Monochrome Rocks. A monochrome look can really flatter your shape, making you look slimmer and your legs look longer. You achieve this look by wearing all the same color, top, skirt, hose and shoes. Black monochrome is a real classic. Baggy is Frumpy. You may think that you are hiding in your big, baggy clothing, but all you really get is a frumpy look. Baggy will not make you look slimmer, it will only make you look sloppy. Actually, neat clothes that fit like tailored suits and nice fitting dresses will do much more for your look.

Accentuate the Positive. Do you have great games? Wear a skirt that shows them off. Do you have fantastic cleavage? Try a tastefully revealing top (but not too low). If you have nice eyes or a pretty face, wear a colored top that draws attention there. The idea is to draw attention away from the problem areas and accentuate your assets.

Stand up Straight. One of the best instant slimmers that you all can do right now without even going to the clothing store is to stand up straight. Good posture will take inches off your waist and make you all look pounds lighter. Straighten your spine, hold your head up and practice good posture. It is healthy and definitely works to make you all look thinner without exercise.

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