Friday, December 4, 2009

By Dorthy Weatherbush

Dating should be the channeling of our attraction for one another, meeting takes care of the need for physical excitement and enjoyment, and of course, finding short- and long-term relationship partners. With blind dates romantic meetings with complete strangers for the first time, may pose as a threat to both parties, it's always better to consider safety precautions before indulging into these activities. Here are a few tips to keep you safe during dating.

Choosing a location of your date is a concern that you need to look deeply into. Never give exact information where you live and never invite someone to your house for a first date. It is always better to set up your first date in a public place, where you can be surrounded by people, such as art galleries or a restaurant. This way you will not be on your guard always, worrying about something dangerous that might happen. You might also feel comfortable choosing to meet an earlier time of the day, better yet if the sun is still shining.

Conversation is the main course on any date, but avoids giving too much personal information, such as where you work, especially in the first date. It is acceptable being discreet in the beginning, telling your date anything about your work on a need to know basis.

Don't allow someone to get you into something that you are not comfortable doing. Be in charge of yourself and don't be misguided. That could mean making a rain check for an offer of coffee at your date's house towards the end of the date. He/she might try to persuade you but always make sensible decisions with help of your instincts and your logical mind. Things are better made when not rushed.

Always remember to inform a good friend of who you are dating and where you are going. Just to get the doubts out of your head, you can schedule a time for your friend to call and check everything is alright. Always have your mobile phone close to you at all times. Just to make you feel reassured, make a friend wait at you place for your return.

Plan your travel arrangements when going on a date. It might be that your date might give you a lift to your meeting place or back to your place, until you know them better, politely refuse and take either the public transport, your own car or a friend drive you to your destination and back home.

Let you date know that you have other arrangements that you need to attend after your date, this will give a good flow of transition when you leave for your exit.

Do not consume more alcohol than needed, for your first date, especially if it is with someone who an hour before was a complete stranger, you don't want to make yourself vulnerable and allow them to take advantage at that stage. Too much alcohol intake could lead to things that you really don't want. It is better to know your limits and stick to them.

These rules might sound a little overkill, but the reality is that you might be introducing yourself to a complete stranger, especially with the amount of online dating we take part in these days. Following these and other safe dating strategies will make sure you can relax and enjoy yourself safely and without the fear that someone will take advantage of you.

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