Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Learn How To Win Back Your Ex.

By Brian Hunter

Parting ways with a lover of several years can be very painful indeed. When you look at the memories shared during your relationship it is hard to reconcile yourself with the possibility that you may never see them again. But there are ways to get your girlfriend back if they are used sufficiently. All it takes is realising how important she was to you and recognising the need to re-unite. With the tips in this article you could win back girlfriend.

The most important thing is to re-create the belief that you were meant to be. Before you begin efforts at getting your ex back you should remind yourself of why you really want her back. What normally happens is that we get so carried away with the emotional swirls of a break up that we hardly take time to appreciate how important someone is to you. Sometimes we're slightly insecure and we don't really need the girlfriend back in our lives. Doing this will definitely propel our efforts in a passionate or tasteless manner; dig deep and find the truth you need.

Give her the gift of missing you. Keep the silence maintained for a reasonable amount of time to ensure that she feels the void of not having you around. Rushing into talking to her after the break up doesn't give her the chance to consider whether she misses you enough to get back with you. Being desperation if a passion killer, so don't be.

Think of the day you first met and try establishing that initial connection that got you madly in love with each other. I remember the first day i met my girlfriend, we're always talking about it and it connects us by the way it creates a similar bond. If you know she re-visits the place you met very often you should try making an appearance during which you create the connection again. Chances are she will be reminded of important things she was overlooking.

Surprise your ex girlfriend on her birthday if it's yet to come. Timing is crucial because if done correctly she will feel like being with you again. If you still remember what she like the most this is the perfect chance to resurrect feeling that may have died. Get her her favourite drink; chocolate or DVD and she will look at you in a way that will show you how much she would like to be with you again.

If you reach a point where you're communicating again you should take the initiative to call and set up a date. What you must remember is that if you were responsible for the break up you are the one who should take the initial steps. If it was her fault then you should rush to try mending things up because you will again seem desperate. Be Tactical and at the same time use your feelings.

Another thing is that you should give yourself room before trying to get back together again. Rushing back into trying to reconcile is sometimes a recipe for disaster. Separate your thoughts from thoughts of her and try to forget she ever existed. During this time you can live a little and make new girlfriends. If she is also doing the same she might end up realising how important you are to her depending on whether she ever found anyone like you. If this contrast is created properly you won't have to wait long until she falls back into your arms again.

During the break up have as much observable fun as possible. Having fun will show her that you're not even moved by the break up. Somehow this will be very attractive to her, sometimes people want the things they know they can't get.

And when you do start talking together your greatest weapon will be the nature of your conversations. Keep the calls lively; funny; short and electric. You'll be guaranteed that when you hang up she will be thinking of you. Inevitably she might actually mention you getting back together.

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