Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By Jason Watts

There is a 100% totally free online dating service; no membership fees for you to try to meet that special someone. You can have some coin for for popcorn when you take her out to the movie house. I recall back when the earth was still cooling prior to online services were so pervasive for that matter when people met people through the newspaper. The dating service was found on the classified page under the category of personal ads.

I do not know how it became so popular but it went from a few pages to about ten pages of classfied ads in our local paper. People would tell a little about themselves and invite people to call and leave a message in their voice mail box. It was sort of like the online ads but no photos only print descriptions.

With this newspaper it was free to list your personal ad. But if you wanted to respond to an ad you had to pay per minute when you called. Yes this was done by telephone.

You would call and enter the number of the ad you were interested in and leave a message. You then hoped the person would call you back on the number you left. Usually your home lan line, there were no cell phones back then. I got wise to the game quickly.

I developed a standard message for each person I called so I could save on the call minutes. The newspaper of course wanted people to call and leave a long rambling message so that they could rack up the minutes. So when I found an ad that interested me I would call and leave this message: Hi I am Brian (not my real name), I am an attractive 33 year old lawyer who is looking for a young attractive young lady who if full of life and enjoys being spoiled...

The message worked because I played to why people placed an ad in the first place. People rarely run ads wanting to give they want to get. And the girls I met believe me sure wanted something from me and it cost me a lot of money to give it to them. That is one reason I do not play the game anymore. When you deal with people through dating services you find people who want to take not want to give. For the most part that is. I do not want to paint with a broad brush. But after all it was my own fault I told them in my message I wanted to spoil them.

It did not hurt that I was an attorney. Women equate lawyers with a whole lot of money. Although I have never seen a lot of coind as an attorney. But they liked the spoiling part because women want to know what you want to do for them. They do not care what you want.

They want to know if guys will give them what they want. I do not play the online dating game even if there is 100% totally free online dating service available. But if I did I would use what worked for me way back in the stone age of personal ads. I would tell the girls what they wanted to hear. Forget about telling girls what you want... They could care less.

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