Monday, December 7, 2009

When Being Independent Goes Wrong

By Astrid Engels

I'm a huge fan of independence and standing up for what you this is best for you. Making decisions about your life based on what you think is best and not always giving in to your partner is the way to go. Having said that, when you enter a serious relationship, or even marriage, the decisions you make will now have an effect on the other person's life as well.

That compromise includes consulting your partner about decisions that will affect him or her. This in no way makes you weak or co-dependent. Discussing things with your partner before making a decision is just the smart thing to do.

So in the interest of helping your smarts along, here are six key things you should definitely talk to your sweetie about before diving in;


Yes, it's your body, but before you make a decision that will affect your ability to conceive, you should definitely discuss it with your partner. Whether it's starting or stopping contraception or choosing a more permanent solution like tubal ligation, your partner will has a vested interest that you need to respect.

Leftover food

Some people seem to keep leftovers until they qualify for scientific experiments. But the minute you chucked it all in the garbage, that's when they decide they want to finish it. It's one of life's mysteries! So play it safe and always ask before throwing out leftovers.

Major purchases

Even if your last name is Rockefeller or Hilton, running your plans for big ticket items like cars, houses and boats past your significant other is just good relationship strategy.

Adopting an animal or a child

As tempting as that puppy with the heart breaking little face may be (I know, so cute!), resist the temptation. Just because you're volunteering at a refugee camp while your sweetie is filming a movie and there's an orphan there that melts your heart, it's just not okay to bring home new family members without getting your partner's blessing first.

Getting tattoed

With their name on it. Enough said.

Erasing the Tivo

So you think he or she has watched the latest installment of Curb Your Enthusiasm? But you don't know this for a fact? Don't wipe out the Tivo because you'll be on the fast track to WWIII before you can say Larry David.

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