Sunday, December 6, 2009

By Stephen Richards

How would you like your very own helper when putting together your Cosmic Ordering orders? Well now you can! TV adverts are the best resource and source of helping you to manifest your desires. Using the commercial break on TV as a means to securing what you want in life is very easy to do. Perhaps you've been viewing something interesting on TV when the adverts come on, and right at a critical moment in the show! So what do you usually do ... go off and make use of that time to make a hot beverage. Well now you have every reason to remain seated during the commercial break. You are about to find out an incredibly motivating method to improve your Cosmic Ordering skills.

Take a look at the people or how the voiceovers look and sound so positive in the ads. Many of these TV adverts depict a utopian lifestyle, the sort of life many would like to have. It's the sort of world where people have charge over their own providence. Applying this very principle to Cosmic Ordering, where you are in no doubt about what you want, is a real winning ploy. Just imagine you are in one of those adverts when placing your next Cosmic Order. Put yourself across as vibrant and upbeat as you can and you will see results in a big way.

You might be down in your luck, finding it hard to make ends meet on the little income you have coming in. If your life smacks of desperation then look no further than your TV in being able to bail you out of a tight spot. Leave behind worry, just think about the improvements you want in your live, see your standards of living rising like a rocket. Drop any pessimistic thoughts from getting in your way. Do not seek to improve your status just because you think you want a better life ... you have to do it because you know you want a better life. When you watch TV adverts you should target the optimistic way they get their point across, use this very same method to lift your emotional state.

Personally I loved a particular breakfast cereal advert, it was a one where a young boy was singing and dancing about the streets, he was so vibrant and full of himself. It made me want to be in a similar heightened state he was in ... maybe he was like that because of the bowl of breakfast cereal he'd just had, which I can never remember the name of. In fact if you use such an advert to lift your vibrational state it can be infectious and make you feel happy and energised for quite a while after. See the pep and vigour on display in the advert and use some of this to increase your vibrancy levels.

When you view the commercials you will see them in a different light. You will be able to have an affinity with them in a positive way, and feel good that there is nothing wrong with wanting a better life. Ditch the guilt! Just look at the characters in the ads, see how strong their buoyant moods are, and from this you can pick up on how you are feeling. Do you feel the same strength of spirit within? If not then you can perhaps understand why you are not having much success in manifesting your wishes. Get yourself into that same frame of mind as the characters in the ads, and then you can start having success.

Look at the ads selling commercial products, I don't mean the ones relating to animal or children cruelty charities or those for foreign aid, I just can't watch those ads as they pain me so much and pull my vibrancy level down, so these types of commercials are best avoided. Generally, the ads that sell products can teach us something, so take a leaf out of their book. Watch and learn.

Just about everything you want in life is touched on by TV commercials in one way or another. Stick to the main channels, not the channels just selling goods. The answers to your endless list of life's desires are right there ... in your television! See the fuller picture when you watch an ad, leave the finer details for the other viewers, allow yourself to be caught up in the moment, feel yourself as part of the fabric of the advert. TV ads are full of ideas for when you use Cosmic Ordering ... all tailor-made!

You will find that when you watch TV adverts in such a way as to use them for your Cosmic Ordering that you are so much into them that you actually do not end up taking in what the ad is selling! Go for the bigger picture as opposed to the detail. When you find yourself at a bit of a low ebb then get that TV switched on and use the adverts to boost your ego.

Oh, and when one of those adverts comes on TV that gets you all misty-eyed because its trying to play on your emotions and make you feel guilty, just allow yourself to use this in a positive way. See how good your life is, be thankful that your life is good and stay focused in a positive way or you will soon find these ads dragging you down in your emotional state. That's what they are designed to do!

So the next time the plot in the TV show is ruined by the commercial break, don't take it as a negative interruption. You can use those adverts to help refocus your thoughts on how you should be addressing the cosmos. You will soon find yourself using the creative part of your mind in helping to manifest your desires.

Now you can construct a very ad-like Cosmic Order in your mind by using the TV commercials and soon you will see your success in life improve. The good thing is it costs you nothing to place your continually running advert with the cosmos!

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