Tuesday, December 8, 2009

By Hilary J Dennis

Has there ever been a time in your life when you feel that no one wants or cares about you? Do you feel like you're always being victimized? Are you angry? Have trouble with relationships? There's a chance that there's just something missing and you just cannot figure out what it is. If this is true, then perhaps it is time to turn to Regression Therapy.

Does any of this sound familiar? If it does then regression therapy is definitely something that you can try out. It may help you to find the answers you've been seeking, and may help you live a better life. That makes it worth it, doesn't it?

The Past Life Regression Therapy Center states that Regression Therapy involves an individual coming out of darkness and stepping toward the light that their lives have been devoid of for so long. Past Life regression falls under the category of hypnotic therapy, and in it a person is supposed to deal with their life and it's experiences. During this process they are completely conscious.

There are a number of different experiences that might be recalled during this process. It could be their childhood, their adolescence, and maybe even some time before that, such as time spent in their mother's womb. Memories like this could be extremely hard to recall otherwise.

The idea of past life regression therapy though, is a little bit different. It is a method which will bring an individual back in time, but it in fact takes them to a previous life.

There are many who cannot accept it, simply because the thought of existing in some previous life is just strange. The thing is though, there is actually proof that past lives are indeed a reality. While this might sometimes be discounted, there is an excess of evidence related to the topic which must be pursued.

A common occurrence is for an individual to undergo the process of Regression Therapy and speak of impossible things, such as old kingdoms and wars. The memories might even go back as far as the prehistoric age.

It's nothing short of amazing when a person recalls a memory that can be verified. There have been instances of memories that can be verified with historical records, which can serve as great proof.

It might be incredibly hard to comprehend, but sometimes children have recalled their past lives in detail. The details have been so well presented that they've been able to meet the individuals that they were related to.

Though it might not seem meaningful, figuring out who we were in the past will teach us the lessons that we need to move through our own lives. It provides us with yet another way to look at life. Our lives will become much easier once we understand who we are and what we are capable of.

There is a term among the Regression Therapy community which is known as 'Faulty Thoughts. Such thoughts are known to be negative, and they are believed to be thoughts which an individual has made in their previous life. By doing this they brought their negative thoughts and emotional issues into their current life, which isn't a good thing.

The only person that can cancel out the negative feeling is the person that created it in the first place. The person, in theory, can release the energy and re-make their own energy field as a positive one. There are a number of ways that this can be done, through either forgiveness, repayment of karma, and even some re-patterning.

The thought of forgiving is something that was based upon scripture. The scripture is known as the golden rule, and it states: 'Treat others as you would be treated'. Basically you will need to repay any karma by correcting your mistakes and ensuring that the good outweighs the bad.

If an individual is able to do this, then re-patterning their own energy can be done. It can be accomplished through putting to practice ideals such as tranquility, care, gentleness, and every other thing which could be thought positive.

Though it can get exhausting, Regression Therapy has successfully changed many lives. The majority of those who have gone through this have stated that their attitude and outlook on life has changed. They have also become much stronger as a result of it.

However, if one is to ever reach such an end, then a person must be committed to the entire process, and of course change the way that they believe their life will turn out.

It's amazing, the way Past Life regression can help people. You'll be able to discover who you were, and then you can apply it to your real life. It will help you to get through the current circumstances, and give you alternatives that you might never have thought of otherwise.

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