Friday, November 6, 2009

2012 Doomsday: Fact Or Fiction?

By Jean Hantch

Throughout time, several people have proposed specific dates in which the world as we know it would end. Most of these days have come and gone, but one day in particular still rings out. You see as many have heard of Y2K and other times of assured Armageddon, perhaps the most discussed and consistent date has yet to arrive. December 21, 2012 is the date that so many people in the past have predicted to be the end. So the question must be asked, 2012 Doomsday Fact or Fiction?

Perhaps the most popular foundation for the 2012 doomsday scenario comes from the Mayan culture. Some have sworn by the calendar their ancient civilization created has predicted other events with precise accuracy. Some even say the Mayans predicted the tragedy on 9/11 through their intricate calendar.

They created a calendar that has predicted major shifts in the solar system with a very fine degree of accuracy. This calendar ends without explanation on December 21, 2012. This has sparked curiosity and this theory.

In roughly 2900 B. C., the I Ching or Book of Change was also credited with an eerie calculation to December of 2012. This came in the form of a graph created using patterns from the I Ching; Terrance McKenna created the graph itself. This graph's peaks have so far corresponded to various changes in the world; it too mysteriously stops in 2012.

Yet another source convincing people of impending doom in 2012 is the Web Bot. This software is designed to calculate through discussions and general behavioral trends potential changes in the world. The software was actually developed to assist in predicting the fluctuation of the stock market. Its notoriety began when it predicted to a fair degree of accuracy the events of 9/11. Now, it predicts a worldwide calamity in 2012.

Finally, the planets in our solar system are said to be lining up in a straight line with one another all in 2012. In theory, this will make a black hole with unpredictable results. The Mayan calendar predicted such a drastic shift in the solar system occurring on the final day of their calendar, or to some, the last day of our lives.

Its hard to say if this is all coincidence, or what it is. There have been plenty of false predictions of the last day of Earth, and this could just be another to tack up there. Frankly, for every piece of evidence to support the end of days, there is an equal argument to the contrary. Knowledgeable people on the subject suggest the Mayan calendar to simply be recycling, and while the Web Bot might have 'predicted' 9/11, it has 'predicted' a lot of other things that never happened.

For every doomsday theory, especially those surrounding 2012, there is an equal argument on either side of the coin. The truth is you need to decide if you believe it to be true or not, and if you do, you should prepare yourself how best you see fit.

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