Monday, November 2, 2009

By Gabriel Killian

Heroin addiction can rip families apart, it can end long friendships, but most importantly, heroin is a killer. Everyday people addicted to heroin die in their sleep. Unfortunately, heroin withdrawal symptoms are so serious, they can scare a person in to not quitting altogether. The good news is, however, that recovery is 100% possible. Especially in today's medically advanced world. It is now more possible than ever for someone with a heroin drug addiction, going through severe heroin withdrawal symptoms, to get treated and significantly reducing the heroin withdrawals and aiding in their recovery. Remember, you are NOT responsible for your addiction, but you ARE responsible for your recovery. If you are wanting to fight your heroin addiction, then the following information may be able to help you.

* Do research on the drug. The more you know about heroin and how it affects you, not to mention society, can help you understand your addiction to better do something about it. Many people quit this drug after they realize the horrible war that goes on behind the scenes. People are being executed daily is massive drug wars. Police and people from other various agencies die every day in the war against drugs. Heroin also takes a huge toll on your physical health as well as emotionally hurting your family. Often times people end up losing very good friendships as a result of their heroin addiction. The more you know, the better prepared you are to fight your own heroin addiction.

* If you decide to quit cold turkey, try to have someone stay with you while going through the heroin withdrawal symptoms. They can help take care of you when you are incapacitated in addition to providing moral support. Support is extremely important when trying to recover from an addiction such as heroin. Taking baths in luke warm water can help ease your nerves while experiencing heroin withdrawals. It may also be in your best interest to have anti-diarrhea and anti-nausea medication readily available. Also you'll want to have sports drinks, juice, and/or water bedside at all times. Having a bucket or pan next to the bed along with tissues is another good idea.

* Plan ahead before you decide to quit. Have a specific quitting day, get all the things you'll need while you go through heroin withdrawals. Take as much time as you'll need to fully recover (weeks if possible), pay bills ahead of time if possible, and clean your house before you get sick. Most heroin addicts become completely immobile while experiencing withdrawals, so getting these things out of the way can give you peace of mind. Then you can completely relax and let yourself heal. The last thing you need is to be worrying about getting something done while going through extreme heroin withdrawals.

* Suboxone is a medication used for opioid addiction and is the alternative to methadone. The difference is people don't need to stay on suboxone for long periods of time. The medication helps erase heroin withdrawals and is commonly used for heroin addiction treatment. Only licensed doctors with special licensing can prescribe suboxone and they may require that you go through additional drug treatment as a prerequisite for taking the medication. Suboxone can often be taken at home without having to be in a clinic so that you can go on living your life as normal.

* Consider going to N.A. meetings. It is extremely important that you witness people, like you, who have beaten their addiction and have had successful results. As a heroin addict, you may find it possible to believe that anyone can quit, but there are thousands of people, just like yourself, who have beaten this addiction. Narcotics Anonymous can help you to understand your addiction and give you the resources you need to stay clean and healthy.

* Going to a rehabilitation center may be another option as well. Going to rehab allows you to be fully taken care of and medicated while recovering from heroin withdrawals and heroin addiction. Some rehab clinics allow you to attend for free, while others may cost, but the cost will still be extremely less than supporting a bad habit such as heroin addiction.

* Be as healthy as possible. Get plenty of sleep, exercise, eat right, take vitamins and keep hydrated. Do so even before you quit! The healthier you are, the better off you'll be as the heroin withdrawls take a serious toll on your body. Do whatever you can to be as healthy as possible before, during and after treatment.

By keeping your goals clear, your convictions strong and having faith can keep you on the winning side of a drug addiction such as heroin. Make sure you have a support group and be strong! You deserve to live a long, healthy, happy life. What many people don't realize is that heroin is a killer. Many heroin addicts die in their sleep, never to wake up again. It is a serious tragedy that hurts not only the addict, but all those around them as well. Keep you head up. Remember, you are NOT responsible for your addiction, but you ARE responsible for your recovery. Be strong, and you'll surely come out on top.

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