Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Concise Guide To Astral Projection

By Mike Sherfen

One would think that since astral projection often occurs involuntarily, that it would be relatively easy to perform willingly. And for people who are particularly psychically sensitive, this might be true. But for others who may not be quite as receptive, a few steps need to be intentionally carried out before there can be anything even resembling a triumphant voyage of projection into the astral world. Continue reading for a look into a concise astral projection guide.

There are some main steps the traveler must follow in order to prepare themselves for spiritual itinerant. In short order, one must be free of trepidation, must be calm, and must be focused on the act of actually traveling to the astral realm. You will get yourself nowhere if you initiate projection by being afraid, tense, or have your mind wandering to other thoughts.

Imagine trying to will yourself to sleep when you're wide awake...such an act would require great resolution to achieve because you are telling your body to do something it might not even want to do. The same goes for astral projection - even if projection does occur naturally for some (like sleeping), making yourself do so when your body may not want it to transpire will put a damper on your efforts. The first few times you try this will probably feel like you're fighting your own body.

So you'll really have to put your mind over the matter and get yourself to relax. Reassure yourself with truth: astral projection is not deadly, and while the thought of your soul leaving your body might sound terrifying, it will not harm you. The 'silver cord' of spiritual energy that connects your astral soul to your corporeal being will not break.

Meditation is a very good way to calm the mind and the body, as well as help you to concentrate on allowing projection to happen. You should do your best to situate yourself in a quiet atmosphere and begin blocking out all the mental noise going on in your head. As long as you are worrying about something, such as a job or a loved one, then projection cannot happen. Do your best to clear your mind and try focusing your energy and thoughts onto something else. I personally have found that concentrating on my breathing helps me to get into a very relaxed state of mind. However, my breathing is a little erratic, so focusing on taking long, slow, deep, cleansing breaths will take my mind off all other mental crises and allow me to become more spiritually amenable.

Even if you're relaxed, fearless, and focused, you still might not be able to project. The state you must be in is a delicate one, wherein your body must be unconscious, but your mind still conscious. You can't actually fall asleep or dream because projection still may not occur if you break your concentration. Yes, projection can occur during slumber, but the purpose of this guide is to show you how to project your soul by your own volition. And do not be discouraged if things don't go too well the first few times you attempt projection; as the old saying goes, practice does make perfect. It may require several endeavors before you see any results.

And you will most definitely know when you've begun to separate from your body. You will probably feel some very intense vibrations occurring all over your body; don't be alarmed by this, as this is normal. Don't break your concentration and do your best to persevere through these vibrations, even if they are startling. The vibrating is a sign that you're almost there and if you continue on your current level of awareness, your astral being will begin to separate from your physical self. It could prove frightening if you're new at such things, but keep in mind that projection will not harm you in any way.

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