Tuesday, November 10, 2009

By Sue McGrath

If your child is having their First Communion soon then you are likely planning a giant celebration complete with family, friends, church members and even classmates. You'll want all of those attending to have a great time at your party and First Communion invitations should certainly be at the top of your list. First Holy Communion invitations will be a keepsake to treasure for years.

The kind of 1st Communion invitations that you should choose depends upon the style of the party you are having. Many people choose the simpler, more formal celebration which may require 1st Holy Communion invitations that are more extravagant with scripted fonts and gold inlays. This is a common choice for First Communion cards and look absolutely beautiful.

You could also use more unique First Communion invites like making them in bright, vivid colors that will stand out and make an impression when received in the mail. You'll want to match your invitations with the color scheme of the party or of the First Communion clothing being worn.

Many people also choose religious symbols as part of their invitations such as being in the shape of the face of Christ, or bearing a picture of Him, or perhaps with a popular portrait of the Last Supper. You'll find many ideas and themes that will inspire you for your party.

Put the name of your child on the invitations, as well as the date that they received their First Communion. Of course, you'll definitely want to include the date of the party, what time it begins and where it is exactly, perhaps with a map for those who aren't familiar. You can also include some hints as to what sort of gifts you would like brought and of course, a number and address to RSVP.

One of the more unique ways to issue First Communion party invites is to set up a website. It need not be a complicated website, and in fact can even be one of the myriad of free websites that you can find to set up and update information about the party, who is bringing what, and can work as a gift registry where gifts can be checked off.

This will work in conjunction with the cards that you send out in the mail, directing your guests to the web address for further information. You can make it simply, just one page with the updated information, or as complicated as your skills (or someone you know) will allow. This has become a great way to communicate with party guests in our modern world.

Your child's First Communion is a holy time, filled with family, friends and the Holy Spirit. You'll want to make sure that you invite those who attend church with you as well as relatives and friends, as well as your child's classmates or teachers if appropriate.

However you do it, make sure that the First Communion Celebration is fun for all, and a memorable experience. Your child is entering into covenants with Christ and becoming an official part of the church and you'll want to make the occasion as special as possible. Choosing the right party invitations is the perfect way to thank guests for attending, and to provide keepsakes that will last a lifetime.

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