Friday, November 6, 2009

By Jason Schultz

This routine is very fun and entertaining. Memorizing it will make you seem easy going and knowledgeable about Greek Mythology.

Quickly glance at the fingers of the girl your talking to, and then ask, "I am curious, why did you choose to to wear that ring on that particular finger?"

[She responds].

You continue, "Interesting, I have a friend who's a spiritual type, and she just told me that the fingers you choose to wear your rings on says something about your personality. Each one of these mounds, the pads on the palm where the fingers join the hand, is represented by a different god. In ancient Greek culture, you'd wear a ring on that finger to praise and pay homage to that particular god."

She should not be interested in what you have to say. Take a moment to tell her about each finger that she doesn't have a finger on. Then move on to explaining about the fingers that do have rings on them. Use the fingers that have rings on them to tell her more about who she is.

Listed below are sample scripts about what each finger means. You don't have to memorize them perfectly, a basic idea of what each finger means will do.


Tell her about that if she wears a ring on her thumb, she is independent and likes to do things her way. Next tell her that the thumb ring represents Poseidon. Poseidon is extremely independent from the other gods. He lives in the sea and does things his way.

Notice that the thumb kind of sticks out, in a way, it kind of does its own thing as well. People who wear thumb rings are therefore very individual and independent. They don't follow trends, but instead prefer to set their own."


Tell her that the index finger represents Zeus, the god of lightning and thunder.

That's a very dominant finger. It represents power and immense energy. Having a ring there means you tend to be a more dominant person."

End by waving of your index finger at her as if to say "no no no" or "don't do that."


"Your middle finger is represented by Dionysus who is the god of wine and partying. He is an incredibly irreverent god.

Dionysus was the Greek god that believed that life should be lived with a more care free mentality. Any person who wears a ring on their middle finger is showing that they do not take life to seriously.

If they're wearing a ring on this finger toss up your middle finger and joke, "It's like saying screw you to the world." This almost always get a laugh.


Choosing to wear a ring on the ring finger is a representation of the Greek god, Aphrodite. Aphrodite was the goddess of love.

Tell her that this finger is the most popular finger for women to wear a ring on. This finger show that when a person falls in love with another person, they tend to fall for them completely.

Conclude with "Interestingly, it is the only finger that has a vein that goes straight to the heart without branching off, so when someone puts a ring on that finger, they're actually making a direct connection with your heart." If she's comfortable, trace a line from her finger up her arm as you say this.


Wearing a ring on your finger shows that you are representing the Greek god Ares.

Your pinky ring shows that you have a darker side and that you are a protector. Usually if anyone messes with your loved ones, you are the first come to their aid. It also shows that you can keep secrets. Tell her that you bet she can be trusted to keep and protect secrets as well. Maybe that's where the pinky swear comes from."

At the end, you should smile and momentarily lock your pinky with hers.


* If she isn't wearing rings and you still want to use this routine, then you can begin by saying "Look at your hands and imagine that you're wearing some rings. Now, tell me which fingers you're imagining them on."

* If during or after the routine the woman asks, "How do you know this?" You may respond, "An ex- girlfriend of mine was into mythology and taught it to me."

* If she wears a ring on her wedding finger then inquire "Is that an engagement ring or do you just wear that to keep the womanizers away?" You'll be surprised how often the latter is true.

Here is quick reference pocket guide for you to memorize and use. Enjoy.

Pinky = Ares representing conflict and protection Index = Zeus representing dominance and power Middle = Dionysus representing irreverence Ring = Aphrodite representing love and romance Thumb = Poseidon representing individuality

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