Monday, November 16, 2009

How Medication And Vertigo Are Linked

By Christian Goodman

Primarily I thought it was an earthquake as everything around me was moving. Later I found it was only me who was experiencing this movement. Lastly I remember I was lying in my stomach on the ground to make everything still around me.

A vertigo patient shared her experience on how it felt when she suffered from the spells of attack. She was having these attacks for a couple of months.

This person was diagnosed with vertigo. In this, the patient feels that everything is in a motion around her. To some it feels like a spell of dizziness.

This is a symptom rather than a disease. Structural disorder of ears also known as Peripheral vestibular system can cause this symptom.

Most common peripheral disorder is termed as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. In this one gets vomiting, nausea, perspiration, impaired cognitive abilities, hearing loss with no warning.

Mires syndrome is another peripheral disorder. This starts with a "full" feeling in the ears which may lead to the patient becoming total deaf or nearly deaf.

One more notable thing about vertigo is that, symptoms vary over the course of day or even hours. Mostly, vertigo patients have to lie down for hours to get some relief from this.

This client of mine sought medical treatment for these symptoms. Sad part is that without curing vertigo, some undesirable side effects developed.

While undergoing a blood pressure check up for her hypertension, the nurse discussed that the medication she was using for her high blood pressure often showed vertigo as a side effect. It was after that she noticed the side effect actually started while she was undergoing this medication.

She was aghast when this came to her notice. The doctor that had prescribed her the medications for high blood pressure never bothered to tell her about this side effect. Nor did the doctor who was treating her for vertigo.

Temporary and chronic vertigo can result from number of drugs obtained as prescribed drugs or those that are sold over the counter. These drugs include common ones like those used to treat for flu and colds, some antibiotics and anticonvulsants.

This case may force you to think differently about the doctors but the fact remains that medication for hypertension, which is a life threatening disease, is seen as the best course available.

This patient joined my program as she was in need of both high blood pressure and vertigo treatments. Under my program she got a great relief from both the problems. She even discontinued her medication and is now symptom free. My program is here for you to get out of your vertigo and dizziness problems. EIN: EL331005

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