Tuesday, November 17, 2009

By Sarah Nichols

Is getting weary of you? Do you feel that the initial spark has fizzled out? If you answer yes to this, your relationship is in danger of coming to a close. Like in the song, 'Love is all we need' and considering the divorce rates that are going through the roof nowadays, I'll say Celine Dion is right. A breakup might not seem significant enough to have all this fuss about. But, imagine the long-term effects it might have to both parties, especially to the females. So, here are some tips on how to romance a guy and keeping your relationship from dying off.

1) Makeover to win him over

This is probably a given in most women. The need to take care of your looks is ingrained in the minds of every girl put there. However, it won't hurt to be reminded again. It's always hard to be satisfied with what you see in the mirror, but you do not need to go over-the-top on this one. Expensive jewelry and excessive makeup don't always work. Risky plastic surgeries and questionable beauty products are a big no-no as well.

So, just go ahead and try out the look you are most comfortable with. Look pleasing in the eyes of your boyfriend, and if he really loves you, you can wear anything you want and still get a compliment from him.

2) Tolerate the little things

In any relationship, you need to practice a system of give and take. Assess yourself by recounting what you have actually done in keeping the relationship apart. If he is cold to you, it might be for the fact that you did something to hurt him. Be fair and don't be afraid to scrutinize your flaws and mistakes as well.

Then, think about the things he has done in keeping you happy. Did he 'give' a lot or 'take' a lot? Has he tolerated you for any idiosyncrasies you might have? Have you done the same for him? Once you get the answers to these questions, and if they're negative, work on improving them. Being an active member in a relationship is how you romance a guy.

3) The big one

A grand gesture always works best in winning your guy over. And I say 'grand' in the loosest sense of the word. You don't have to associate this with expensive and unnecessary presents. The best gifts don't have to be the most expensive ones. You'll just need to know your man and what he likes. It could be as simple as baking him a cake on his birthday or getting him tickets to a concert or even pretending to be amused to his off-color jokes.

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