Tuesday, November 24, 2009

By Sarah Nichols

Love is indeed one of the most pious feelings that one experiences. It is not merely the excitement for a day- it is the comfort of a lifetime.

However, for most women who nurture a tender heart towards the one they admire, it becomes very difficult to determine the truth about his feelings. What is it that lies in the deep corners of his heart? What are the signs that he is in love? Just adhere to the following four-step formula and see for yourself-

1. If he is around you all the time and likes to spend each moment with you, he surely is in love with you. He may not realize it but he either keeps talking to you or talking about you. In either case, do not run after him. Make yourself unavailable at times and give him the chance to miss you.

2. Whenever he shares with you his plans about future and you feature in the same, he has for sure fallen for you. In other words, he considers you to be an inseparable part of his life- present and future- and includes you in the list of his priorities.

3. Observe his eyes and body language, they would speak a lot. He may not accept anything verbally and keep his emotions hidden but his continuous stares, stealing glances, eye contacts, innocent touches and casual pats would indicate his internal desires.

4. If he turns up one day with an unexpected gift for you, he likes you for sure. No man would go out of his way to spend money on someone he doesn't like. His gift many not be too reflective or deep in nature, but it will be a token of his appreciation for sure.

Now that you are aware how to catch on the signs which depict he is in love, it is time to take the relationship a step further.

Refer to http://www.freewebs.com/catchandkeephim/ and learn the particulars which portray his subtle signals. He may not reveal what's exactly cooking on his mind, but he will certainly show gestures which speak a lot. If you equip yourself to ascertain the meaning of these indications, you will surely be able to capture the magic of his desires. So sit back, relax and observe. That is the only way to determine whether he is truly in love.

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