Saturday, November 14, 2009

By Tana Hoy

Your dreams can bring you psychic visions and messages from the spiritual world. They are a way for you to learn information from the higher realms. But more often than not, you only remember small fragments of your dreams or completely forget them. When you do remember your dreams, they are usually a replay of what happened during the day.

Your dreams are a very good psychic tool if they are the right kind of dreams - those which are psychic in nature. Dreams which simply illustrate your residual memories of the day are not always relied upon for psychic interpretation; moreover, they block out access to deeper parts of your mind where more meaningful dreams come from.

Psychic dreams are those you experience when you are in a fully relaxed state and your subconscious takes over. This means you need to have a ritual prior to sleeping which will relax your mind and body. Apart from that, there are methods you can do to have psychic dreams. You can do these methods so you can regularly dream psychic dreams.

This method for having psychic dreams is a very simple one. All you need to do is have a small drawstring pouch, and any of the following herbs. You can choose to have all, or just one of them, or just select which herbs you like.








These herbs help in opening you up to psychic visions and prophetic dreams. When you have chosen and gathered your herbs and have prepared your pouch, imbue them with your own powers by following these steps:

1. Sit down with the pouch and herbs laid out before you.

2. To relax your body and mind completely, take a few moments for deep breathing.

3. Get the pouch and open it. Start placing the herbs in it, in small amounts. As you do this, visualize the herbs' natural powers working together to create a powerful item which will bring about psychic dreams.

4. When you are done, tightly close the drawstring pouch, sealing the powers of the herbs together. Their energies are released through the pouch's cloth.

5. Hang your herb pouch over your bed or anywhere close to it.

Every couple of weeks, replace the contents of your dream pouch; you can also change them sooner, if you feel it is already needed. If there is hardly any scent, it is also an indicator that the herbs are too dried up already, and you can refresh your herb pouch.

Remember to record all the dreams you have in a dream journal; this will help you keep track of and remember the psychic dreams you have had and what they signify.

Do not worry if you do not immediately have psychic dreams after the exercise, or if there are nights when you seem to sleep without any dreams. Your system will eventually be less conscious of expecting to have them and you will be able to have more psychic dreams. Having psychic dreams is also a result of a fully rested mind and body, that is why it is important to meditate before going to sleep. When you do, you let go of the day's thoughts and open yourself to dreams.

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