Sunday, November 29, 2009

By Chang Frazier

When you are searching online for internet business ideas, you will be presented with many options. The choices range from drop shipping products directly from a merchant to listing your own ebay auctions. These are wonderful choices. By far the best way to enter the internet marketing arena is in the area of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a model based on making referral sales for other merchants. Each time you refer traffic to a merchant's website and a visitor makes a purchase, you get a commission. The commission is automatically credited to your account.

The commissions will always vary from merchant to merchant. Some merchants will give six or seven percent while others are more generous. When you are prospecting for good affiliate programs, the commission percentage will be listed in the affiliate terms of agreement.

There are several things that can determine how much you earn. Aside from the agreed upon terms, the look and feel of the merchants site will affect your commissions too. It is always good to send your referral traffic to a website that does not look too busy with multiple products listed. If you can send visitors to a specific product page, your conversion rates will be much higher.

Merchants for affiliates are everywhere. There is no limit to the type or kind of affiliate programs that you can join. As an example, if you like furniture, there are tons of merchants with all types of lighting, bedding, tables and accessories to match your desire to promote these types of programs. There is something for everyone in affiliate marketing.

If you want to get started in affiliate marketing, you will have to learn more about it. Just search for affiliate marketing courses, programs and guides in Google, Yahoo or MSN. There are plenty of sites online that have lots of free content on the subject of affiliate marketing. Ask around in the forums for recommendations.

After you sign up as an affiliate, you will be give a unique link embedded with your identification. This is the link that you will promote using PPC or pay per click traffic or through natural search engine traffic. The key is to create a landing page and direct website visitors to the merchant's website.

There is no limit to how much you can make as an affiliate. Your success is all dependent on how much you commit to getting things done. Once you have all of the basics down, there is nothing that can stop you. Affiliate marketing can change your life just as it has so many others.

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