Tuesday, November 3, 2009

By Masami Sato

Can't making dreams come true be just as easy? Can't we free ourselves of our doubts? Is it not possible? How can we do it in a way so that it looks as easy as brushing our teeth? This is an excerpt form the book named ONE by Masami Sato and it shows how it can be done step-by-step, getting one ready to start walking towards one's dreams today.

All of us have dreams. But all of us do not have faith in ourselves so that we can have those dreams and live them in our lifetime. In fact, the secret to have such assuredness is simple. And the reason why we hesitate so much is also straightforward.

Let us start with the first question that can be asked to us..

Why don't we do everything we always wanted to do?

Our thoughts usually stop us from acting. Sometimes the more we think about something, the less we become committed to achieve what we set out to do in the first place. Because the more we think about it, we tend to come up with more and more reasons for not doing it.

Then is it possible to be certain that we will definitely accomplish what we want to do in our life?

Yes, absolutely! For a start, let's look at the power of habits

If we are scheduled to go to a meeting tomorrow night, we wouldn't spend lots of time thinking whether we can get there or not. We wouldn't be concerned about the chance of having a car accident and missing the appointment. Just like when we are walking to the bathroom, we wouldn't worry that the toilet might be broken!

We are always more assured about these day-to-day activities that happen every day. These are the habits.

However, we doubt our dreams

Most interestingly, there are plenty of things we are not equally sure about. Particularly the things that we really want to in life - our Dreams!

So, what is the secret for the assurance that we will realize our dreams?

First: Decide to make it a daily habit!

We can begin with being more assured about our actions to fulfil our desires - the type of dreams that really nurtures our life.

For example, if a person's dream is to make his fair share of contributions to the society, and giving is a big yearning in his life, there is no need to doubt the possibility of being able to make that contribution. Al that is necessary is to make it a daily habit.

Second: Make it as important (and as easy) as brushing our teeth

Realising dreams can be just like brushing one's teeth. It simply doesn't feel nice if we do not brush our teeth for pretty long, isn't it? We can't bother to spend hours considering which toothpaste we should use or wait to clean teeth till there is some need to do so. We feel a little out of sorts if our teeth are not clean. So we clean them. That is all!

Coming back to our example, if giving is so important to us, we have to ask ourselves certain questions: What if giving is in fact of as much importance as brushing our teeth? What if it is making us feel good? What if it is helping to maintain our health?

Irrespective of how much or how little we own right now, we surely can start offering it and sharing it today. As such, no matter how improbable the realisation of dreams might appear, we can start walking towards them today. We can definitely do, if we see it as a crucial issue, a top priority that we should stick to every day! Then we will be uncomfortable if we do not do it. Just like cleaning our teeth.

and Third: Give first, then we will get

When we start giving before we even have what we hope to get - that which we dream of - we are sending out a powerful message to ourselves which tells us, 'there is enough, and more will come.' It allows us to feel the joy today - the joy of giving.

If you want to be rich, be generous. And you'll be blessed with abundance. If you want to be superbly intelligent, don't be afraid to teach others. And you'll know more. If you want to give, just give selflessly. Do not attach any expectation of return. Just let go. And joy will automatically be rewarded to you. The simple joy of giving.

Do not be scared of sharing and giving what you have, for it will not thwart your plans of achieving your purpose, whatever it may be. It may only help you to fulfil your dreams faster. And your journey there will be one of total contentment.

But are not habits smaller, in comparison with our BIG dreams?

Just manage do it, no need to worry about the 'scale'.

Anything can happen in life. Things may develop in a small way. And these small things might take us to another action, and that will connect to another. The sureness we feel about our actions, and managing them one by one, keeps on taking us forward. But if we think that it is not possible to do something now, just because it is a little formidable, it simply will not happen.

The secret to achieve your dreams has always been here, and will always be here. The people who create miracles, inspirations, and the real sense of joy, already know this. They are always using it.

Visions and miracles do not happen accidentally. We choose to create them.

So, would you start walking towards your dreams today?

Contents are excerpted with minor modification from ONE, a book written by Masami Sato. To get a free copy of ONE, visit www.B1G1.com and start sharing the joy of giving. Feel free to use or republish the content of the above article, fully or partially, as long as it is preserved in its original content, with proper attribution to Masami Sato and www.B1G1.com.

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