Tuesday, November 24, 2009

By Tania Gabrielle

I heard this morning that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, has cancer.

Abdul-Jabbar received his diagnosis, a rare form of leukemia, last December. Quite a few numbers were activated for him during that time.

His age in December 2008 was 61 - and that number ties in directly to his Day of Birth on the 16th.

Last year Abdul-Jabbar was in a 21/3 Personal Year, which activated one of the other important numbers in his Personal Numerology Blueprint - Abdul-Jabbar's 111/3 Destiny.

His 111 Destiny is a very powerful triple digit Master Number. He shares it with the Ayatollah Khomeini and Henry Kissinger. This number is derived from his birth name, 'Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor'.

Notice how his 111 Destiny Number is forever tied to a record he still holds. His 1,111 defensive rebounds remain the NBA single-season record, even after 34 years.

I'm glad he changed his name to 'Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.' It adds up to the Immortality Number, 17/8 indicating he will leave a legacy behind. That's quite an understatement when it comes to Kareem's career.

Contrast his current name number to the name 'Ferdinand Alcindor' - which adds up to 16, the same number as his Day of Birth. Though initially this name number helped him rise to the top when he was young, it also could have easily resulted in a 'fall from a high place' at some point in this career, due to injury or other factors, if he hadn't changed it to the fortunate name we all know him by.

Speaking of the 16/7. I want Kareem to be extra vigilant in the year 2011, a 16 Personal Year for him. He will need extra rest and timeouts that year.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar's Psychic Number is also very fitting - it adds up to an 8. Note that his powerful 17/8 current name 'Kareem Abdul-Jabbar' is directly connected to his Psychic Number.

An 8 Psychic Number shows he receives his intuitive or psychic flashes while leading others and overcoming hurdles. 8 is very connected to high-powered athletes who reach success by surviving and rising above challenges every day of their lives.

So Kareem's Psychic Number 8 indicates he feels invigorated and intuitively connected when there are challenges he can confront while being in a leadership position.

Once you know your own Psychic Number, you will understand how your intuition is most easily activated. This knowledge is priceless, especially now.

Every person has intuitive gifts. Be sure you tap into your powerful sixth sense.

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