Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some Astral Techniques You Can Try

By Pauline Sanders

Some astral projection techniques known to spiritual voyagers are a bit unorthodox, while some might prove to be dangerous. I would like to look at some of the aforementioned eccentric methods.

The 'staring' method involves attaching an object to your forehead and staring at it in the reflection of a mirror. This may sound simple, but this staring must go on for several minutes without blinking...and, unless you happen to be in theater and can 'freeze' for long periods of time, you're probably like most other people who blink an average of ten times or more a minute. This process is said to allow the traveler to lose consciousness enough that they will project themselves into the mirror they are staring into. I imagine the eyes would severely dry out and become painful from going so long without you blinking...if you wish to attempt using this technique, you need to work at it at fist. It just seems like it would be uncomfortable initially.

Another tactic involving the open eyes is to cross and roll the eyes so you are staring at the middle of your forehead. This method is said to cause a lessened sensation of overall feeling in the rest of your body, thus making it easier for your astral self to exit your earthly body. The downside to this scheme is the eye strain that will result; again, if you choose to use this method, go for it. But be aware of your physical limitations and go easy with it.

One of the more risky approaches to projection is to allow yourself to just begin to lose consciousness and have someone else suddenly wake you by yelling. This is supposed to intentionally scare your astral body out of your corporeal body, but it should be used with extreme caution. Anyone with heart problems could easily suffer serious injury or worse by using this means of astral projection, and such a shock to the heart is not good in general. It is also speculated that the act of projecting by itself can cause the body a tremendous enough shock that it can result in death, but such a supposition is only a theory. If you believe you could die while projecting, you probably, try not to think you will.

Other forms of astral projection involve trying to trick your own consciousness into leaving your body. Examples of such are spinning in circles to confuse your astral self or telling your soul that it is in the wrong body and to go and locate its real one.

I am neither encouraging nor discouraging any of these styles of astral projection, but merely advising all readers and prospective spiritual travelers to exercise caution if you choose to utilize any of these tactics.

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