Wednesday, November 18, 2009

By Sarah Nichols

Don't we all enjoy the times when we are always in touch with the men we love? Yet sometimes it comes to a point where it all suddenly stops. Why do guys stop calling? You don't seem to know any particular reason for it to just end that way. Before you panic, here are 4 ways for you to deal with the problem.

If you're thinking everything don't make sense, they really don't but there are ways.

First - Examine your relationship

Think about where your relationship was right from the start. Perhaps you were just preoccupied with your emotions that you forgot to look at more important things. Realize that what seems to be a "good" and "well off" relationship for you may not be exactly the same to what he is thinking. Don't make the mistake of assuming. Men are simple creatures. If they like you, they will stick with you.

Second - Don't make the first call

If he stopped calling, let him. He knows best when to call. Don't give him the impression that you are the one chasing him because in reality they always like to be the one in control no matter how they wanted you to become aggressive. However, if you've been dating for a long while and suddenly he went off the grid, it is justifiable for you to ask "why do guys stop calling?"

Third - Show him what you are made of

Men sometimes put you into their senseless experiment in order for them to measure how far you are going for his sake. They do this to determine how deep your emotions go and how you view him.

Fourth - Don't bother

Men have their own reasons not to call and it is up to you if you fall on the trap. If you felt like nothing went wrong in your relationship and yet he went off the radar, drive him crazy by resisting the urge to call. If he likes and love you enough, he will call.

Are you wondering why do guys stop calling? There are a number of reasons why but don't give in. Let them chase you not the other way around.

Men are sometimes cruel when they want to put you into test regarding your emotions. But if you are well-equipped of all information needed to keep him beside you, he no longer needs to measure how much you are into him. Take a peek inside his private shell by going to and anticipate a successful relationship.

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