Friday, November 20, 2009

Why I Run Outside Every Day

By Jason Winter

Even though I have to push myself to do it, I place a huge emphasis on running on a regular basis. It's so easy to just sit back and relax at home instead, but I really do whatever it takes to make sure that I run.

Regardless of its difficulty, it's well worth running. Despite the fact that it's annoying, there's never a run that I've gone on where I felt worse after I was done.

I'll always feel better after the fact, which leads me to believe that it's just a mental block that prevents us from doing it more often. Still, it's something that we should definitely push ourselves to do as hard as we possibly can.

The benefits of running are both physical and psychological. Obviously, it keeps us all in good health. It gives us energy and burns fat, but it's also a great emotional catalyst. If you run, you'll have hormones produced that raise your spirits naturally.

I think that running is also good for the brain. I'm always getting more accomplished at my job after a run, and I have an easier time falling asleep.

Even though it feels like work, it's clear that you'll be better off if you start running on a regular basis. Push yourself because it definitely pays off, which you'll see if you begin to do it.

One thing that I make sure to do is to have good, motivating music with me when I run. Doing this will make things more enjoyable, and I find myself paying more attention to the songs themselves than to the fact that I'm running.

It's also important to set personal goals as you run. While some people are perfectly content with maintaining the same speed, I've always found that I get the maximum benefit whenever I'm striving to achieve new fastest times.

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