Saturday, November 28, 2009

By Trevor Johnson

You may not know what causes jealousy, specifically if you are someone that is extremely jealous. Jealousy is not caused by other people but is internal and is mainly due to fear, insecurity, low self esteem or low self worth. Many people do not realize this and may not know how to take control of their jealousy.

If you do not think well of yourself or are constantly doubting yourself then you may frequently feel jealous towards those individuals that may have qualities you wish you had. This means that in many situations your jealousy will blow situations out of proportion. Jealousy changes how you perceive the world and your role in the world.

Many times if you worry about something, such as your partner leaving you then you may become jealous of anyone that they speak to because you are insecure and always worried that he or she will leave you for someone else. Jealousy will make normal things seem out of proportion and what is normal for many people will not appear normal to you.

How strong your jealousy is will depend on each different situation and it also varies from person to person. Many times if you are jealous but like the person then your jealousy will not be very strong. However if you have an intense dislike for the person then your jealousy can be very intense.

Anger and fear will also cause jealousy and many times a combination of this and insecurity will create a lot of jealousy. Some common triggers of jealousy include an achievement that you don't think someone should have accomplished, a person you don't like succeeding, someone else achieving something you want to or when you see a friend or loved one flirting.

It is possible to fix your jealousy though you will need to admit your problem if you really want to change. It is then important to work on your self esteem and how you control your thoughts. The real cause of jealousy is inside you and no one can fix your jealousy but yourself.

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