Saturday, November 28, 2009

By Bart Icles

By being a leader, it means being responsible, having good analytic skills and having personal integrity. But these traits aren't the only ones that make up a great leader. To become an effective leader, one must possess these leadership characteristics, put them to work and turn them into the kind of leadership that produces results. By having result based leadership, the workers under your wing will be led to more productive work, and not to mention, competent. With this kind of leadership, your company will definitely soar to greater heights because of the trust clients put in you as a result of your competency and professionalism.

But how can one become a results-based leader? How can one develop his or her leadership attributes into something that will make him or her an efficient leader?

Results based leadership can be done in a lot of ways. One way to achieve this is to set a goal and make it clear. The goals that you set should be made known to everyone in the company and made sure that every single one of them understands it. You should communicate with the members of your group so that you can detect if anyone has not understood what the company is aiming for. By doing this, everyone will be moving towards the same goal, following a track that will lead them to achieving it. With a set goal, there will be fewer possibilities for distractions.

It would also be a big help if you are aware of what are the company's strong and weak points are. By knowing these, you are able to think of ways in which you can use them to their full potential. Also, by realizing the company's weak points, you can reflect on what needs to be developed and what the company needs to get rid of. You, personally as a leader, should also reflect on what you should do to improve the company and produce efficiently. Just because you are the head of a company, that doesn't give you the opportunity to feel more relaxed. In fact, because you are the leader, there is a heavier weight on your part. Lead by example so that your workers will look up to you and imitate how you are as a worker. This is the kind of leadership that gets results.

Manage your time well. Measure the results you got from the work you produced and analyze well if you have attained your goals. By gauging the quality of work that you and the company did for a certain project, you can find loopholes of your leadership and find out even more ways to get the highest quality of work your company can produce.

With results based leadership, you are not only assuring the quantity of work that you are able to produce, but more importantly, the quality of the work that you and the company are able to come up with.

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