Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can We See Future Events In Our Dreams?

By Jade Williams

Unless one is living on another planet, one would have most likely sensed that our world is changing fast.

If you've been following my articles, you may know that I, at times, receive messages of a spiritual nature. Much of my dreams and visions had foretold personal and some worldwide level occurrences.

The following is a part of a messaged dream that I had in Sep 2005:

"In the dream, a massive leopard appeared and moved towards me. He used to be a very awe-inspiring beast with a nearly human aura about him that exuded a raw dynamic presence. He seemed to have a marginally coloured glow and his bright eyes shined through blue pupils. He started speaking to me. He said "Meditating and trying to get enlightened isn't enough. We must upgrade our bodies. There are two periods in this planet's history that require us to upgrade our bodies'; now and in the Year 1750. "At that moment, I was thinking to myself; Am I not doing enough? He seemed to convey the following message to me..Yes, you aren't doing enough and THIS IS THE HINT. He didn't say it in a putting-you-down manner but rather in a calm, holy way. "

Dreams are typically symbolic representation of certain issues and occurrences. The leopard ( in the dream ) is representative of a spiritual aspect.

Much of what was being conveyed in the dream relates to my personal self-growth. But there is also an universal message being conveyed here...

I think that the Year 1750 mentioned in the dream may not be of the past, but may be making a reference to a future timeline. It could be referring to the year 1750 of a NEW future time. When this new era will start is however unknown to me. But this dream does appears to coincide with certain predictions.

If you've been following traditional predictions, you may know that many traditional cultures foretold of a new golden age. The Mayan stated that the end of our time is in the year 2012. Tibetans have a predictions called the Kalachakra prophecy which also states that we are getting close to a new era.

Dear Reader, I will like to ask of you to momentarily suspend any embrace my article with an unfettered mind.

Could there be a validity to the dream message? Could it be that we are actually about to enter a new age which will transform us mentally, emotionally and physically as well? What does your instinct tell you?

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