Wednesday, November 25, 2009

By Doris Berlin

Do you have an old book in dire need of restoration before its pages become too brittle to touch? If you have your family heirloom Bible and it is in need of a new binding and a new cover, you can have both. The restoration of old books and their pages is bookbinding, and the bookbinding Columbia SC. Has to offer is the best you will find anywhere.

If you want a book rebound, you will usually get a new cover and new end sheets. This is standard rebinding. If you want more for a book that gets this service, all you will have to do is specify just what you want done. Your book will be ready for many more years if you make sure you get the job done by professional in bookbinding Columbia S. C.

You can have a bookbinding Columbia S. C. Job done for less than you think. You may choose a half binding, in which you will get a new leather cover and spine while the back and front are covered in your choice of cloth or paper. If you choose to have a three quarter binding, you will have everything you get with half binding with the addition of leather bound corners on the front and back covers.

The complete restoration of a book is a little more involved than just having one rebound. With this service in bookbinding Columbia S. C., you can have an entire book restored to its former glory and beauty. In restoration, the covers and the end sheets are kept just as they are while they appear as though they have been replaced.

Have you got an old Bible that has been in your family for many years? If you do, chances are it is in great need of repair to remain a family heirloom. Bibles are one of the hardest of all books to restore because the paper used is extremely delicate and when these pages get some age on them, they become really fragile to the touch. The services needed for Bible restoration can be done, but you should only trust someone with your family's Bible if they have a proven track record of their work on Bibles.

You can get additional services for your book if you would like. Just some little extras that will enhance the restoration of your book like hubs on the spine and decorative end sheets. You can get more than this from the qualified bookbinding Columbia S. C. Experts. You will get back a book that you treasure for a lifetime and thanks to the work done to your book, it will last this long.

You have seen those old books that have yellowed pages and some books have pages so brittle that they crumble when you touch them. You can have books in this kind of condition restored as well. Thanks to a process called de-acidification, the yellowed pages can be washed with a chemical that will turn the pages back a few years.

Having an old book that has weathered the years is like having a treasure. You should take care to see that your old book is restored so that it can have new life and be able to last many more years.

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