Friday, November 27, 2009

By D.J. Verret, MD

For Women - Consider a Makeup Makeover. While moderation is always appropriate, having the right moderation is critical. Appropriately applied makeup can take years off of a person's face and in some people, create results similar to surgical procedures. But it has to be done right. Find a makeup artist. This may end up costing money, but think of it as an investment, not an expense. Properly done makeup should blend nicely and not be noticeable.

Don't Be On Time - Be Early! The absolute last thing that a prospective employer wants is an employee who is late. From the employer's perspective, if you can't be on time for the interview, how will you be on time on a daily basis. Be sure that are at least 10 minutes early for an interview. If you are unfamiliar with an area, make a dry run before your interview. If the interview is in a large office building, go so far as to going into the building and finding the office where the interview is to be conducted. If you have to travel a long distance to the interview, consider getting a hotel room near the interview location the night before. If you are paying for your travel and the interview is out of town, arrive a day early to ensure that you are not the victim of airline or mass transit delays. As part of the be early philosophy - Only reschedule an interview if ABSOLUTELY necessary. If you reschedule for a later point in time, this only allows others to make that first impression first - and take your job. Rescheduling also sends the signal that this job is not your priority. No prospective employer wants someone that does not give their position importance.

Dress For Success! There is no such thing as being overdressed for an interview. While I don't suggest wearing a tuxedo for an interview, I would suggest wearing your best coat and tie. Be sure to shine your shoes and press your shirt, too. Let's say that you are interviewing for a job where the usual dress is blue jeans and polo shirts - still wear a coat and tie. A prospective employer will not think anything if you overdress. If you underdress, they will immediately be turned off.

Keep everything in perspective and don't be flashy. Make sure that you apply jewelry, makeup, perform, and hair style all in moderation. I would even go so far as to suggest that you do not wear perfume or cologne at all. Too much of a good thing can be distracting. Some people are allergic to certain scents and the last thing you want is an employer to be allergic to you during an interview.

Comb your hair and cut your nails. Hair and nails are often overlooked but do tell a lot about you. Be sure to have them neat and presentable for your interview. You might want to visit a barber or hair stylist shortly before an interview - with enough time for your hair to grow out if the stylist does a bad job though.

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