Wednesday, November 18, 2009

By Chris Arribbat

It's difficult to admit that your relationship has ended. And if your ex is the one who decided to break up with you, it's impossible not to feel overwhelmed. Dont live with any regrets, you have always got the choice to win back your ex partner. All you have to do is to follow some simple rules.

The most important is to be honest with yourself. If you done something wrong don't try to find any excuses; this won't help you at all. On the contrary, what matters is to become aware of your weaknesses. Trust yourself and stop crying. Set realistic objectives and be positive. Conceiving a plan is the best you can do. If you are just willing to give something a try, you are bound to succeed some of the time.

Take your time. Men don't like desperate women. For the start, try to get in touch with your former partner and let him know that you still have feelings for him, and that you want him back in your life. However, you mustn't look desperate, because he will avoid you. The best is to approach him in a friendly manner. Tell him that you want to go out with him from time to time.

Don't even think about chasing your ex! Also, stay away from his neighborhood for a while; otherwise, he might think that you're spying him. It's fine to call him, as long as you don't exaggerate. In case he doesn't answer, don't call him in the next three days.

Men don't like desperate women. Spend some time alone, calm down and don't punish yourself. Calling his parents and friends to find out where he is right now and with who is the biggest mistake you can do. Under these conditions, he will take advantage of your feelings to hurt you. If he calls you, don't answer immediately because you will seem available and willing to accept everything he does. Show him that life goes on even if he's not there. Let him wait!

When you go out with him, talk about things that have no special meaning, such as the weather, latest news and events, etc. Don't let him know you miss him. Try to imagine that you're dating him for the first time. You wouldn't talk about your personal life with a stranger, right? Eventually, find something interesting to do and have fun!

Gradually, you can give him some hints and tell him that your feelings are stronger than you thought. Obviously, a good time to do this would be when he isn't involved in a relationship and when you look better than ever. Yes, men can be very shallow, so make sure you look stunning before dating him. Smile, be seductive and... Who knows, maybe you will spend your whole life next to him.

Don't allow yourself to be jealous. Jealousy can make you behave differently. Agree with the break up and analyze the way in which your relationship evolved. Once you find out what went wrong, it will be much easier to avoid making the same mistakes next time. If your partner has done something inappropriate, stop blaming him. Don't live with any regrets and think about your future as a couple. If your love is strong, nothing bad can happen.aR

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