Wednesday, November 18, 2009

By Sarah Nichols

You went to meet your first date. Everything is almost perfect. You wine and dine and yet you want to know if this is really going well for him as much as it was for you. How to know when a guy is attracted to you on your first date?

Sometimes your feminine instincts will fail you and become elusive during these times. You have really no idea what he thinks and you feel like you are in a dark room.

However, men's actions are not that difficult to read. If you pay close attention to his body language and actions, you will see some little cues and signs that he feels the same or at least attracted in a certain way. Below are the signs you should be looking for.

1 - When you are the one talking, he leans forward. This indicates that he is interested not only to what you are saying but also to you. He fascinates himself with the way you talk and how you say things.

2 - He is not easy to distract. His eyes are not going to dart left and right as if to find an escape instead he fixates them on you. Sometimes you will feel uncomfortable with his "staring" but don't be. He just adores and admires you, which is why he won't be able to peel his eyes away from you.

3 - He admires you in and out. He doesn't just get to know you. Let's face it men always have attraction on their list. He may be checking your body up or your waist or your bottom but that is all there is. If you carry yourself well and feel sexy all the time, this shouldn't be your problem.

4 - If a man is attracted to you, he won't be embarrassed to talk about relationships and dating with you. He always looks on the serious side of things instead of joke around the subject. He will be comfortable opening up about having long term relationships. How to know when a guy is attracted to you? There is your clue right there.

Ultimately, if he doesn't look out on other women while he is with you the entire time, you already know your answer to the question how to know when a guy is attracted to you.

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