Tuesday, November 10, 2009

By Maxwell Durden

To the casual commentator, it looks highly evident that women are genetically wired to be attracted to guys with a sense of humor. Yet, this is only a portion of the actual truth that seems to confuse all but the most clever men.

Humor alone is not enough to make women attracted to you. What you need to truly attract more women is a combination of humor and seduction -- commonly referred to as "flirting."

Why is flirting such a vital part of your interactions with women?

Well, flirting happens to be the single most powerful way to communicate with a women if your goal is to make her more attracted to you. But let me talk a little bit more about why humor alone is not enough to capture a woman's heart.

It's obvious that we all love to have a good laugh, and gorgeous women are definitely no exception. Still, just because someone makes you laugh does not make them a candidate for lover, right? The same goes for women as well. All making them laugh (without using flirtatious humor) accomplishes is that it makes women think of you as "just a friend."

On the other hand, trying to flirt with a woman in a non funny way is equally self-defeating. If you come on too strong to a woman without mixing humor into your approach, then you risk appearing threatening to her.

This is where it gets hard for most men. You have to learn to make it obvious that you are interested in a woman in a romantic or physical way without scaring her off. It definitely takes practice, but it is something that can be mastered by any man. And you know what? Learning how to do this is a lot of fun!

Don't make the mistake that many guys do by becoming a clown or a buffoon. This may get laughs from a woman, but it will not make her feel any sort of romantic connection with you. To make this romantic connection a reality, you always must get the balance right.

You can't just come up with some good jokes that make your buddies laugh and expect to have overnight success with women.

If you take away even a single thing from this article, I hope that it's this: rather than trying to figure out how to make women laugh, learn how to make women comfortable, entertained, and attracted. That's how you achieve true success with women.

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