Sunday, November 29, 2009

By Simon Gray

There has been speculation over the years that Shakespeare was a creator of Freemasonry. This is being based on two major plays of Shakespeare being the Love?s Labors Lost and the Tempest. It is purported that these two plays are symbolic to Masonic values. Then there are others that further support this theory by referring to MacBeth.

MacBeth is said to be the story of the horrific murder of Hiram Abiff who is said to be the main figure in the Masonic ritual. Hiram Abiff was one of the original three Grand Masters during the early inception of this organization. The story about Hiram Biff is intriguing.

The legend has it that during the construction of Kings Solomon?s temple that Abiff promised his architects that he would tell them all of the secrets of the Master Mason once the temple was completed. Three of the architects did not want to wait and tried to force the secrets out of Abiff to no avail. So these three workers ended up killing Abiff. Now apparently once a Mason has reached the third degree level he must carry out a mock ritual killing as it took place regarding Abiff.

You may have noticed something consistent in what we have said so far. This is in reference to the number three. There were ? 3 Grand Masters 3 architects who committed the murder 33 degrees or levels within the organization 3 Principal Officers 3 Symbolic steps 3 Obligations 3 lights upon the alter 3 pillars that support the Lodge 3 knocks to be allowed into the Lodge 3 knocks to call the members to order

It is believed that the whole Mason?s organization was and still is based on alchemy.

So getting back to MacBeth and reading between the lines determining if Shakesphere was truly a Mason take a look at the following interesting facts.

The play depicts? 3 witches -spoke the words Fair is foul, foul is fair. Hecate has 3 roles

As the play, goes on scholars have made many interpretations regarding its inference to Masonry although extremely complex, it leaves one open to wondering.

Alchemy and the Masons share in common the perception of positives and negatives as being common elements. The Grand Commander Albert Pike summed up the overview of these elements by stating that Satan was a force created for good, which may serve evil. The beliefs go on to the point where it indicates that man is free to do good or evil. This is where the connotation in MacBeth by the witches is said to equate with the belief of the Masons. Thus just another similarity that leads some to believe that the play is based on certain characteristics of the Masons.

It is most difficult to understand the parallels here without first having MacBeth and understanding the play. If those that believe that Shakesphere was indeed at least even a Mason of no standing then MacBeth does give an in-depth in sight to the organization, which keeps itself shrouded in secrecy. On the other hand for those that do not believe there is any correlation between MacBeth and the Masons they still must admit there is a lot of speculation based on the coincidental.

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