Sunday, November 22, 2009

What Is A Subliminal Message Used For?

By Trevor Johnson

If you walk around every day and listen to the radio or watch TV, you might not realize it, but subliminal message might be affecting you. What is a subliminal message? It is basically a form of advertising that gets you to do something or feel something through unconscious means. These messages can be relayed to your brain without you even realizing it which makes them quite dangerous if the wrong people use them.

A subliminal message is on a wavelength that cannot be heard, but is still perceived by the human brain. It affects your unconscious mind and you will not even realize it.

Your mind will control your actions and you will be totally unaware of it. You might feel like eating a chocolate one day and what you might not have realized was that you were told that you wanted a chocolate during an advert the day before.

A subliminal message can be dangerous because your mind will not perceive it in the right way. Your brain will not filter it correctly because you will not have consciously heard it, which means that you have no concept of judgment about it. There is no logic behind it and you might take in a lot of unwanted information.

So how do you protect yourself? Well, with subliminal messages used in advertising, they are quite direct. They will be a message in an advert that is not subliminal. It will only become subliminal if you don't concentrate and watch the TV properly. By doing too many things at once, you can expose yourself. Direct advertising messages are there to encourage people, but if you leave the room with the TV on in the background you are still receiving the impulses.

Instead of leaving the TV on or using the radio as a form of background noise, rather switch them off. If you are going to listen to music then actually listen and if you want to make yourself coffee or something during an ad break, rather turn the TV off until you get back.

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