Wednesday, November 25, 2009

By Sarah Nichols

In the past time, it was considered that flirting is for men only. However, the confident, self-assured girl of today does not feel the need to wait for a man to approach him. She can send hints to men to get them interested in her. Infact, most of the men love it when a girl makes the first move

So if you're attracted to a guy, then you need to flirt, subtly to convey your liking for him. Here are some good flirting tips for girls, ladies, or even teen girls. I have included teen girls because we basically start flirting during our teen years.

Tip 1: Girls are expected to always look beautiful. Making the right impression from the start is crucial, and for this you will need to make dressing well your second nature. You don't need expensive designer clothing for that. What you basically need is excellently tailored clothes, which accentuate the right places on your body.

Tip 2: The eyes can be your most effective tool for flirting. It's possible to make a guy's heart skip a beat by giving him a playful, lusty, or lingering stare. If you're walking by someone you've got the hots for, give him a 2-3 second stare and then slowly glance away (slow is important). Smile just as you start to look away. He'll get the message.

Tip 3: Let them know or feel that you are interested with them. Someone has to make the first move and the simplest and safest way to do that is to SMILE! It's a nice way of telling that you are interested without being so hanky.

Tip 4 : Always gives them a reason to talk to you. If you would like to meet people, you have to make sure that you have something. Wearing or bringing something that can catch their attention such as a pet, unusual jewelry, an aromatic scent, a hat, or an interesting book. These objects are natural conversation starters!

Tip 5: Be interesting by also being interested with them. If you want them to communicate, LISTEN! People like people who would listen to them when it's their time to talk. Remember, listening is a part of good communication.

Tip 6: By sensuously touching yourself (hair, lips, bottom of neck/upper chest, etc.) or playfully grazing him with light touches on his shoulder, chest, or arm, you can drive home the point that you're interested.

Tip 7: The way you say something is far more important than what you say. Use a playful, sexy, and energetic voice. Don't be monotone, ladies. Use your sexiest and most sultry voice. Keep the conversation light, nothing serious or in-depth. Small talk is fine.

Tip 8: You can compliment him on the way he looks, how he did on an oral report or test, a good game, etc. But let the compliments be honest, sincere and genuine and when you receive a compliment the best response is merely, Thank You!

Tip 9: Positioning of the legs is an excellent way for women to convey interest. When seated...start by crossing your legs (the bottom one should be the leg closest to him). The higher the top leg moves up the thigh...the more interest you're showing. Be sure to have your back arched the whole time. This is an unbelievably provocative look.

Tip 10: And the last, but a very important flirting tip for girls is to enjoy yourself! Happy people always attract other people. When you are happy, you feel and look great, and the entire personality changes! If you want to be remembered wherever you go, be happy, be filled with joy, and most of all be genuine. These simple things will ensure you will never lack attention from the opposite sex!

Finally, if you have already opened your mind to flirting tips for girls , then you can plan where to do the flirting tips above. There are several places where you can start practicing how to flirt with guys.

Great places to start flirting with guys are parties (social occasions, functions or celebrations), drinking places, learning places, workplace, participant sports / hobbies and spectator events. You can do it anywhere.

But remember, to be self confident and do not be afraid to take risks. Just be positive, it works! Good Luck!

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  1. Amanda said...
    I think if you feel good in the clothes and things you are wearing that definitely boosts your confidence. My daughter always feels good in her girl'sclothes from here.
    Nickolei said...
    Wow! that seems so interesting. Anyway, thanks for the tips! I learned a lot here. I am sure many girls will also gonna be interested with this.

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