Monday, November 23, 2009

By Simon Gray

Anyone that has ever read material concerning the Freemasons will often tell you they find it confusing and conflicting. In most cases, they are right as it?s most difficult to determine what is factual and what is mere speculation.

There have been many topics on the workings of the Freemasons and what they stand for and what other venues they are involved in. Some anti Masons emphasize the believe that they are devil worshippers. Others feel they have a political agenda, and some feel that they are a sect of organized crime. Based on this concept it has been alluded to that, the Freemasons will ensure that members are part of varying levels of government. This type of thinking is being supported by an Italian investigation in the'80?s.

During this investigation, resulting from a Police raid on the offices of a Grand Master of the Freemasonry a list was found. On this list were the names of various government personnel and members of the military. In addition, there were bankers, diplomats, judges, secret service members as well as many other sectors. There were politicians from every party with the exclusion of the communists and radicals. Of primary interest were the names of the Mafia found on the list as well.

Of major concern was a document seized called ?Democratic rebirth?. This was an agenda for rewriting the Italian constitution. When combined with the names on the list it was perceived that this proposed agenda could have very well become a reality. It would seem that there was little to dispute the infiltration of the Masons into the high government levels.

Italy is known to be the roots for the Mafia for many years. Mafia members who have turned as states witnesses have clearly indicated that there are direct and strong ties between the Masons and organized crime. One of these witnesses testified that when one of the strong Italian mafia families had any problems with those in judiciary power they simply had to go to the Masons to have it rectified. Speculation is that all the leaders of the significant Italian mob families are members of the Masons. One must admit that the secrecy of what goes on behind Mason doors is the perfect setting for the illegal activities of the organized crime sector.

The concern goes beyond the borders of Italy. Evidence has surfaced to show that the leaders of the Chinese Mafia the Triads are in most cases Freemason members as well. Then the Chinese Masons in Australia have been indicated as using intimidation.

A retired Corporal of the RCMP wrote in his book that he believed many members of the RCMP were promoted because of their connections to the Mason.

Its interesting to note when one goes back in History to the'00?s that all forms of societies and organization memberships were prohibited by the Police Act concerning any Police force. This excluded the Society of Freemasons. This is relative to the Australia Police Act. It is unknown if this is still in existence as part of their act today.

Moving up to'97 there was the Wood Royal Commission into the NSW Police Force based on corruption. It was deemed that the Freemasons had exercised control here as well. In fact, the Commissioner at that time was a well-known Grand Master, and subsequently because of this investigation, he resigned.

With this type of Police Investigation and the significant evidence surfacing its understandable why many individuals are becoming wary of the Freemasons.

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