Saturday, November 21, 2009

By Sarah Nichols

Everyone wants first impressions to last. We groom ourselves and develop qualities. In case you are wondering how to impress a guy, it revolves around these things namely - appearance and traits. But there are 10 ways in which you could impress your man.

1 - Be confident: Confidence is always at the top of the list because men likes that their women value themselves.

2 - Smile: Remember that a smile can melt his heart.

3 - Be fun-loving: Twirl your hair and talk to him in a casual fun manner. Guys appreciate women who know how to have fun.

4 - Don't be shy: If you are interested in him, don't be ashamed of making the first move. When done correctly, your guy will appreciate it.

5 - Give your compliments: Be casual when giving out your compliment to him. Men always like to be flattered.

6 - Act like you're flirting: You're not really flirting but you're just trying to make a connection.

7 - Look at him but don't stare: Hold his gaze while smiling for about two seconds but no more so that both of you will not feel awkward.

8 - Wear perfume: Guys always love nice sweet smelling scent in girls. It adds in the attraction. This is definitely one of the ways on how to impress a guy.

9 - Communicate: Open up a conversation with him about a subject that is general and interesting.

10 - Ask an open-ended question: When you ask a question to him, make sure that it is not answerable with yes or no. Open-ended questions will make him explain his stand and keep the conversation going further.

How to impress a guy is simple. All you have to do is to go out and enjoy his company while retaining who you are in the process.

You need to get a hold of the tricks and secrets on how to impress a guy. You don't need to remain in the dark wondering what to do in situations like this. There is a lot of information you can explore and learn. You can actually get your information by clicking here and engage yourself in a happy, satisfying relationship with him. Certainly, you will have success in love and relationship when you follow the easy steps to impress your man. The results are guaranteed positive and you will have a chance in knowing your man more.

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    Amazing tips. Every girl would want that her boy friend gets impressed by her. As it is said "First impression is the last impression", one should think and answer. Also always be confident, don't get nervous. The most important thing is don't keep on talking like a typical girl, allow him also to talk. Keeping all this in mind, every girl can rock. For more tips on it, refer Ways to impress a boy

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