Sunday, November 22, 2009

By Sarah Nichols

Want to know whether a guy is flirting with you or serious about you; get tuned to his body language. Yes his body language which plays an important role in telling you what a person thinks about you his eyes, the way he talk, gives you signals are reliable means of knowing what a person thinks about you from inside. Eyes are mirror of a person's heart and they tell the truth inside your heart. That is why they play an important role in communicating two people. The facial expressions of a guy tell you about his love.


There are several signals which show whether he is interested in you or not, some of them are as follows:

1. If a guy is attracted towards you he raises his eyebrows and as you will see towards him he will start looking here and there. He stares at you and give a surprised expression.
2. He will try to move out from the crowd to grab your attention for this he may give throng movements or gestures, he may move apart from his friends and change his position
3. If you are very beautiful, lips of guy will automatically get apart for few seconds along with slightly opened nostrils
4. The guy interested in you will try to impress you by standing in cow boy style with tilted head and also rubs his chin, cheeks; he may smooth his hairs to make them more attractive
5. Adjustment of socks shows his 100%interest in you and it is the biggest preening signal
6. He will try to have a conversation with you even if you don't want and simultaneously ask your name
7. He may laugh loudly or clap to grab your attention


You yourself will come to know when a guy is flirting with you if you don't know him but he brings flowers for you and is desperate to talk you ,when he do everything you like and want to make you smile. He speaks good things about you that means he is flirting

* If a guy is already in relationship, he may tell to leave his ex-girlfriend for you but never say yes to such people because you might be another victim

* If you like seeing someone and he sees back to you that does not mean he likes you and especially if he is having a jerking behavior towards you that means he is saying no to your likings
* If a guy wants to meet you or go out for a lunch make sure whether it is a date or not so that there are no chances of later confusion
* You should be careful of not getting misused by that guy .The guy may tell you that he likes you without meaning it just to make himself important in his friends
* You should be able to differentiate between a friend talk and a lover talk .few people just tell that they like you intentionally to hurt you but not all are same
* You should be aware of those people who at first sight or first meeting try to come closer or touch you. A guy is flirting with you if he has never met you before but he brought flowers for you.

Thus by this we come to know importance of a body language.

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