Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sight Unseen or Intuitive Meaning

By Estee Taschereau

When we hear the word intuitive what image does it conjure up? It has not been that long since the word intuitive lead us to crystal balls or tarot readings given in a tent in a mystical atmosphere. Intuitive abilities were thought to be possessed by psychics, mystics, clairvoyants or fortune tellers.

Over time our intuitive abilities have gained more acceptances, though there were still many limitations to our use of any intuitive insights in our lives. Women were given more latitude in exploring their intuitive abilities, though their insights were though to be illogical and trivial. Men were not so given opportunity to explore their esoteric insights except in the hidden structured teachings of organized spiritual organizations.

What exactly is intuition? The dictionary gives us many containers to hold this esoteric concept. Intuition is thought to be the ability to have information or awareness without conscious thought. What we are really talking about is knowing something without evidence.

Intuition by itself has little value. In order to gain from our intuitive insights we have to assign some meaning to those perceptions. The challenge begins at this point. How do we interpret our visions? How do we give meaning to what we see? This question has carried forward since the beginning of time.

The million dollar question with any intuitive awareness is its meaning. What is the meaning of any of our life events? The great philosophers such a Plato, Augustine, Quine, and others have offered us perspective, opening the door to the depth of our spiritual experience of life and living.

Science holds for us the evidence we need to show that what is seen is only a small portion of what exists. Studies in quantum physics shows us the connection we have in our thoughts, with the evidence limited only by the methods we use to measure. We can look into a drop of water and find the universe contained within. Can we look into a soul and see yet another universe?

The intuitive meaning of any of our life experiences is a combination of both event and interpretation. Much of our intuitive awareness is internal, and often overlooked in our awareness. There are times when intuitive perceptions are taken global, shared with the world around us. Those insights give more credibility to intuitive meaning. Regardless of its form or scope, there is one common result, and that is the expansion of our thought and awareness.

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